MONK’S LAGOON: Alaska (Pt 3)

MONK’S LAGOON: Alaska (Pt 3) March 28, 2006

Yesterday, March 27th, we were blessed with excellent weather and a relatively calm sea (emphasis on “relatively”) as pilgrimage was made to Monk’s Lagoon, where St Herman struggled, and to St Nilus Island. Here follows some pics (part one) of the journey.

Here’s Fr Chad Hatfield, the Dean of St Herman’s Seminary, and Fr Innocent Dresdow, priest-in-charge of Holy Resurrection Cathedral … along with the skipper of the skiff, Sasha.

This was the view, looking back toward Kodiak, as we left the harbor.

The view on one side of the boat.

Another view frow the skiff.

Headed toward Monk’s Lagoon.

Approaching Monk’s Lagoon. See the monastic building?

The bell tower from the front entry …

And, looking back toward the sea.

Here’s the beginning of the trail into the forest.

Pilgrims (there were seven of us) making our way into the forest.

The forest …

This is the house and chapel of Fr Gerasim Schmoltz. Fr Gerasim lived and struggled here for 40 years — keeping the memory of St Herman alive.

This is the grave of Father Gerasim.

This cross marks the spot where St Herman was originally buried by the orphans (as a priest could not get to the island for 40 days after his death).

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