PASCHA: About Those Rejects …

PASCHA: About Those Rejects … April 11, 2007

The following note is from a mom regarding a picture caption within this post

So, I go into my favorite youngest daughter’s room to find her changing the sheets on her bed. It’s Tuesday, no one asked (or told) her to change her sheets, no plans for house guests, and I am curious, but I don’t say anything. I asked her if she listens to The All- American Rejects and she scoots past me saying “move along.” I stepped back as she made her way around the bed and when she saw me looking at the pile of sheets she is rolling onto the floor, she says “dirty little secret.” Then she says “it ends tonight, 11:11pm” She takes a few more steps and looks at me like I am in her way then she says “I’m waiting.” I am staring at her with a dumb expression on my face (not too difficult to achieve) because she’s never used such short snippy phrases when talking to me before, and she says …

“What, Mom? I forgot that if you shake a Pepsi before you open it, it spews, and it got all over my bed, so I have to change the sheets. You came in here asking me if I listen to The All-American Rejects, and I was telling you the names of their songs!!!!”

Heh heh.

Christ is Risen!

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