DEFEATING SIN – Overcoming Our Passions and Changing Forever

DEFEATING SIN – Overcoming Our Passions and Changing Forever November 6, 2007

Fr. Joseph:

I wanted to both congratulate you and personally thank you for the book you wrote. There are countless truths in love … thank God, throughout the book. However, the message, over and over, to come to one’s senses, confess, receive forgiveness, and struggle to repent is overwhelming. But, even more so … there is but one choice: Obedience. True blessing lies not in passions but in learning to surrender even our God-Given desires over to Him. Finally, that Struggle is good … keeps me from feeling like a failure all the time and gives me Hope to carry on in the struggle.

Thanks again for … writing such a life-saving and life-giving book; for as you said also: evil is nothing, God always creates, His nature and love cannot be denied …
Thank God!

— Sent via email from a layman.


Bishop BASIL & Fr Chad Hatfield

Constantine Shepherd, Youth Director

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Fr Josiah Trenham

You can order a signed copy of DEFEATING SIN through PayPal in the side margin (at left) or — unsigned, multiple copies — through the publisher at Regina Orthodox Press.

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