CUUPS, Interfaith and the 6th Principle

CUUPS, Interfaith and the 6th Principle October 11, 2015


Sitting around the table at a recent CUUPS meeting I could not but help to start thinking about interfaith issues due to my impending trip to the Parliament f the Worlds Religions.  On grand display were the very values that are held dear by the international interfaith community.  Seated around our sacred table were believers in many different paths, no unity of religious belief existed, yet incredibly meaningful and insightful conversation ensued.


This is the essence of the success of CUUPS and the wider UUA community. Interfaith for us is an approach we excel at. Within our local groups discussion of differences is brief, each of us called to a deeper purpose: manifesting a divinely inspired world of compassion, justice and peace. To do this, we collectively recognize the self worth, dignity and value of every person and belief system present.


CUUPS members are involved in many compassion-centered causes across our country.  I am often humbled to witness the work our community engages in.


 The opportunity to engage in the Parliament Of the Worlds Religions offers a unique opportunity for our UUA community; too directly engage in seeking a better world on a planetary scale. Religious leaders from around the globe will be in attendance.  Decisions and relationships will develop that have the potential to have international impact.  This is the chance to live our sixth principal “The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all”.


It is my intent to hold this ambitious principle up during the Parliament, too call our wider UUA community to demonstrate the ethics and skills that are so evident in our local communities. I can not think of any community more well prepared to engage in respectful interfaith dialogue that is focused on manifesting divine love, peace and justice upon the face of our planet.


Having been given the opportunity of a lifetime to attend and speak at this event, I will, in humility, hold tight to the UUA principals we all hold so dear. May all our UUA and CUUPS members attending also do what they do best; live our values in their words, their footsteps and their communications with religious leaders from around the world.
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