The Parliament and Ecstatic Divinity

The Parliament and Ecstatic Divinity October 16, 2015
Sights, sounds, and even the air seems charged with divine presence here at The Parliament of the Worlds Religions. It is all a little overwhelming. Over the past few weeks I attempted to prepare myself for this event with ritual, grounding and research.   The result of these efforts can only be described as abject failure. There is simply no way to prepare for the overflowing divine inspiration.


As I search for words to describe my experience, I feel that they should be eloquent, filled with bright images of how meaningful my experience is. The truth is that I just don’t have the words.  I am awash in the sacred and my experience is beyond the bounds of simple language. Words like, love, gratitude, bliss and tribe just do not cover the profound experience I am having.


Tears of joy have welled up many times over the first few days. There is perfect love and trust here, unity of purpose and a collective attachment to justice for all the peoples of the world.  Incredible examples of compassion abound giving truth to my belief that divinity is a single light and the religions of the world are the many mirrors that reflect this sacred energy.


Having been hit with a wave of ecstatic energy the forming of thoughts and rational descriptions of the experience is beyond my mortal ability. The flame of compassion, justice and human dignity burns so brightly here that its warmth draws me to clear my mind and just sit illuminated by the glow!


Let me take a moment to thank just a few of those that have contributed to these experiences.   My each of these special spirits ever walk in the embracing light that exists in this sacred space: My love to you all and many others!


Thank You,


Annika Mongan
Andras Corban-Arthen
Jerrie Kishpaugh Hildebrand
Eric Arthen
Casey Burke Pope
Heather Ockler
Patrick McCollum

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