Writers Wanted for New Book on Disabilities and Public Gatherings

Writers Wanted for New Book on Disabilities and Public Gatherings July 2, 2013

Are you a Pagan with mental, physical or sensory impairments; in recovery from major injuries or addiction; and/or a member of the Deaf or Blind community? Are you a health professional or member of the Pagan clergy, ministry, or Priesthood who would like to share a post or be interviewed?

I’d like to encourage you to submit an essay to a new book Janet Callahan and I are publishing independently.

The work is currently untitled. It will mainly be used by leaders and volunteers so they can assist people with disabilities at Pagan gatherings and events large and small. This includes private or public groups. However, most of the information we have will be for public gatherings. We hope to have essays from leaders as well as attendees. The legal and process information will help disabled attendees advocate for themselves and leaders/volunteers to know how to organize an event that is more accommodating. The project is still in the planning and gathering stage. Compensation will be a copy of the book in electronic form. We still haven’t decided how much the hard copy will be. We want to keep costs as low as possible so it gets read and makes festivals etc. more enjoyable for everyone.

Topic ideas include:

1. Seeking Accommodations. Such as how did volunteers accommodated you? Offer advice on what could be improved for next time. From the registration process to camping and attending workshops or rituals, what was the experience like? If you pointed out needs for improvement, was staff receptive to your advice?
2. Providing Accommodations if you worked at a festival.


Things You Learned from Workshops

Spiritual or Religious Experiences

Your submission must be an original work either unpublished or published at no less than four months ago. Of course honour any agreements made with previous publishers.
1000 – 3500 words
Cite references if quotes or other sources are used.
Check for correct punctuation, grammar and spelling to the best of your ability.
I reserve the right to edit the article for punctuation, grammar and spelling then review it with you.

Please send submissions by email to tara.miller21(at)gmail.com. Subject: “accommodations submission”. Send your document in RTF or Word format.

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