10 Pagan Things To Do (Instead of Argue)

10 Pagan Things To Do (Instead of Argue) April 20, 2016

Spring is not really the season for apple pie, but it is great time of year to be a Pagan. Here are ten things to do in April instead of arguing.

I went to the Grand Canyon last weekend.
I went to the Grand Canyon last weekend.

Get Out of the House and Get Outside

Want to feel like a Pagan? Go outside and hug a tree or smell a flower, look up at the night sky or bask in the power of the sun for a few moments; we often forget just how much the little things matter. When I find myself overwhelmed by the negativity of the blogosphere just going on a quick walk through my neighborhood makes a big difference.

“Nature” exists all around us, even in our big cities and suburbs. It’s nice to visit the Grand Canyon or walk through an old growth forest, but a public park will often work just as well.

Work on a Beltane Ritual

April/May is a great time of year for ritual, and Beltane has long been one of my absolute favorites. If you love this time of year as much as I do why not put together a little something articulating just why this such a sacred time of year? Even if you don’t practice with a group, you can still ritualize.

And if you are like me and find solitary ritual a bit uncomfortable, a meditation or reflection can be just as effective. What’s important is to connect with whatever currents move you this time of year.

Spring Cleaning Anyone?

I wish that the altars at my house never attracted clutter and that my Book of Shadows shelf arranged its self, but that’s not the case. Earlier this month our coven completely rearranged, reorganized, and spruced up our ritual room. New artwork was added to the walls, and altars were moved around because it felt like a good idea.

You don’t need an entire ritual room to do a little Pagan spring cleaning either. Any place where you do your work could probably stand a little fixing up. And by “work” I’m also including reading, my bookshelves always need a bit of a pick-up.

The awesome trees here come from The Practical Rabbit.
The awesome trees here come from The Practical Rabbit.

Talk to Some Actual Pagans

Online discussion and even argument can be productive, but nothing beats talking to other Pagans face to face. In my experience we agree more often than not when we get the opportunity to sit with one another and engage in a bit of give of take. Blog pots often feel unreasonable, good people on the other hand not so much.

If there’s no way for direct face to face hand to hand communication with other Pagans where you live, try setting up something on Skype or even participating in a phone call. Our keyboards do a shitty job of conveying humor, sarcasm, and knowing winks; our voices work much better for that sort of thing.

Do Some Gardening

There are all sorts of reasons to do a bit of gardening. For me it’s a way to fight some stress and reconnect with the Earth. Being outdoors playing in the dirt and tending to my trees makes my life more complete, I don’t want to overstate it, but it makes me feel whole. Gardening is good for my mental and physical health, but it’s good for my spiritual soul as well. When I find myself out of sync with the natural world my garden puts my feet back on the path they should be treading.

Gardening doesn’t require a giant garden and hours of free time either. Putting a few potted plants on a deck or porch works just as well!

Read a Friggin Book

Really, read a book. Read some fiction to escape, read a history book to understand something a little better, read some Batman comics simply because they are awesome. There is nothing wrong with changing our headspace now and again, and every Pagan I know reads to expand the amount of things they know.

Reading your phone (unless there’s a book in there) doesn’t count either. Escape from the world of blogs and short-attention span theatre and dig into something a little more substantial.

Craft for your Craft Needs

Last week, inspired by Lexa Olick’s Witchy Crafts I created a new cover for one of my Books of Shadows. Three ring binder books are some of the most unmagickal things in my magickal library, but thanks to Olick’s book I now have a much Witchier binder. It looks reasonably cool and it makes me happier with my Craft.


Honor Your Gods and Goddesses

I’m rather sure that my deities can take care of themselves (they are goddesses and gods after all) and don’t need me to fight their battles for them. So instead of arguing about what metaphor my worship might be, or exactly what adjective better describes it, I’d rather simply do it.

I’m going to write rituals to my deities and share my wine with them. I’m going to wink knowingly at them when I see them in mundania, and I’m going to pray to them in my Temple Room. Besides, all sorts of people are already honoring the deities I share my house with, even when they don’t know it. (Most people just don’t escape Pan’s goaty old thews.)

Indulge in Something

There’s nothing wrong with a little sacrifice now and again, just as there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of indulgence. Drink some good beer, imbibe a fine single malt scotch, try a gourmet coffee roast, enjoy a nice glad of red wine, pick up a new cider, or brew a nice cup of tea . . . . . Take a second to enjoy the things you enjoy, and feel good about it. My deities want me to be happy, I bet yours do too.

Love Fiercely

Tell a loved one how you feel about them. Hold your lover close. Spoil your cat. It sounds trite and ridiculous, but I’m serious about loving fiercely. Share a little bit of how you feel with those you care about, it will make everyone involved feel better.

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