June 3, 2023

YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR SEXUAL IDENTITY   We live in a society of great debate over sexual orientation and sexual gender identity. But as a follower of Jesus Christ, you and I are more than our sexual identity. Don’t get me wrong, our sexuality is a vital part of our existence and how we view ourselves here on earth but in heaven this is a moot point.   Jesus said in Matthew 22:30 For in the resurrection they neither marry... Read more

June 3, 2023

THE RAINBOW IS GOD’S SYMBOL OF FORGIVENESS NOT ACCEPTANCE   June is gay pride month. The homosexual community has adopted the rainbow as their symbol of God’s acceptance of their actions and lifestyle, but what does the Bible say about this?   The only place in the Bible that addresses the rainbow is in Genesis 9 after the Noahic flood where God destroyed the earth because the world had become so violent and sexually promiscuous in Genesis 6.   After... Read more

May 30, 2023

LAUREN DAIGLE’S MUSIC OF ACCEPTANCE IN A POST COVID WORLD Grammy Award-winning Christian singer Lauren Daigle recently spoke about going through a dark time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lauren says she found healing in music amid a mental health scare and panic attacks. Post-pandemic studies show Lauren was not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic like 9/11 seems to have changed all of us. We now seem to live in a more selfish, self-saturated society with massive amounts of mental health issues,... Read more

May 25, 2023

OUR GREAT CALLING AND COMMISSION   We are looking at the calling and commission on Ezekiel’s life. And even though he had a little different calling on his life than we do, it is still very similar and still applicable for the calling and commission Jesus has placed on each of our lives. We will see that in the words God spoke to Ezekiel and the similarity of the words Jesus spoke to his disciples and to us. Ezekiel 2:1 says,... Read more

May 25, 2023

THE VISION OF JESUS: HEARING GOD’S VOICE   Fear is NOT your future. Jesus is!   Maybe your life feels shipwrecked by the circumstances you have lived through the last few years and fear has become your constant companion. NO MORE!   We will NOT be a fearful people we will be an expect people!   We are a resilient expectant people because our faith is in Jesus and Jesus is a reliable Lord and Savior of our futures. He... Read more

May 12, 2023

IS LAUREN DAIGLE’S NEW SONG “THANK GOD, I DO” A CHRISTIAN SONG?  Lauren Daigle is the most well-known, most popular, and most listened to Christian artist probably in the world today. She is the “Adele” of Christian music. The internet says Lauren Daigle is the second most famous Christian artist of our day, second to only Amy Grant. So it stands to reason that if Lauren is probably the most influential Christian singer of our day, it is fair to... Read more

February 20, 2023

MY DAUGHTER AND I ATTENDED THE 2023 ASBURY REVIVAL: Please don’t hate on it!   My daughter, Journey Grace, and I attended the 2023 Asbury Revival on Saturday, February 18th.   As a kid, I grew up on a dairy farm in Cave City, Kentucky, the home of Mammoth Cave near Glasgow, Kentucky. I left Kentucky in 1989 for Liberty University and later in 1992 to Dallas Theological Seminary, before being called to Colorado Springs in 1996 with the Southern... Read more

February 9, 2023

THE RELATIONSHIP THE PREACHER/PASTOR HAS WITH THE LOGOS (THE BIBLE)   Thirty-three years ago, at Liberty University studying for the pastorate, I made a commitment to read my Bible ten chapters a day, for the Word of God to be my guiding compass and light forward in all do, say, and teach to others in the ministry.   I am now on my 97th  reading of the Bible. I have now preached or taught over five thousand messages. Even after... Read more

February 6, 2023

GROWING CONCERNS OF PASTOR ANDY STANLEY’S LEADERSHIP AND VIEWS OF THE BIBLE   I have been a long-time fan of Pastor Andy Stanley and his ministry. As a student at Liberty University in the early 1990’s, I remember Pastor Andy coming and speaking to our student body in Chapel. The two things that stood out to me the most were: 1) His love for his dad and 2) His love for God’s Word. He inspired me to want to know... Read more

January 11, 2023

THE FIRST ORACLE OF THE PROPHET MICAH: HOPE REMAINS   Micah, like his great contemporaries Isaiah and Amos, prophesied during the eighth century BC, a time when Israel and Judah had risen to heights of economic affluence but had fallen to depths of spiritual decadence. People in Israel enjoyed a luxurious life at this time not unlike the prosperity the United States has experienced as a nation over the past century.   Israel like our country appeared to be strong,... Read more

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