I Spy: Ehoah is a _____ Path

I Spy: Ehoah is a _____ Path May 23, 2013

If you are unfamiliar with what Ehoah is, I suggest going to the official website prior to reading.

I have a lot of fun reading various interpretations of what Ehoah is. I’ve seen everything from animistic, pagan, and pantheistic to humanistic and atheist applied to its description. But amidst the pleasure of reading the variety, I realized that there may be confusion that may need some clearing. Ehoah can be all of these things, yet it is none of them at the same time.

If someone who is animistic finds that being a saegoah suits them and applies it to their way of life, it is very much animistic, for that practitioner. The same goes for someone of a pantheistic world view, and any other world view. Which is fantastic in that people from such diverse backgrounds can find common ground as saegoahs. That is the point in its design. Yet, to say that Ehoah is, as an example, a pantheistic path it isn’t accurate. Because it’s foundation isn’t animistic or pantheistic, or any other worldview or philosophy other than its own. It is merely open ended for personal or group use to what ever outlook. The only real way it can be described is as an environmental and secular path, but not much else. Environmental in that it revolves around the environment, and secular in that it is impartial. Its foundation developing around only what is confirmed through the scientific method – removing any potential for bias, and establishing an undeniable common connection that each individual or group can build on top of in their own way.

I’ve come across writings from individuals who have found great appeal to Ehoah, but turn away the moment they find that the founder (me) is essentially an atheist in lifestyle, believing that it is an atheist path – its not. I try very hard not to project what I personally believe onto the development of Ehoah, while at the same time don’t want it to close doors to awesome potential of various world views – hence it being secular. Secular sometimes gets a bad reputation, when all it really is is not favouring one worldview over another – its impartial.

Everything in the Ehoah Path, outside of the Three Basic Tenets, is explicitly optional. Again, to open great potential that would otherwise be suppressed with rigid rules, as it is intended to encourage diversity – ideally interactive diversity or else it would become isolated pockets that could fall into dysfunction, like elsewhere in Nature. With interactive diversity there is resilience, adaptability, and harmony among its participants, as expressed throughout Nature. The structure of the Ehoah Path is meant to facilitate this.

I am very open about my personal perspective, being philosophically an empirical agnostic, which makes my lifestyle very naturalistic/atheistic in expression. In other words, is there empirical evidence to your claim? If not, then I am skeptical of that claim. I remain encouraging of scientific studies into any claims regardless of how they are perceived, as I believe all phenomenon is worthy of study to further our understandings of them. But this is only an expression of myself, so I ask that my personal stance not be taken as the stance of the Ehoah Path. I’ve met Muslims, Buddhists, Druids, Pantheists and others who consider themselves of the Ehoah Path. And that is great. I have no intention to influence those individuals or resulting groups in the direction they deem best to go toward in achieving Ehoah. I only hope that there remains a collaboration of ideas that result so that everyone who is involved has a better opportunity in reaching Ehoah.

You are welcome to ask any question that comes to mind regarding Ehoah, or even myself, in the comments below and I’ll answer to the best I am able.

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