A Saegoah Styled Wedding – or Bonding Ceremony

A Saegoah Styled Wedding – or Bonding Ceremony August 18, 2014

The name for a Saegoah styled wedding is Bonding Ceremony – as it is about celebrating and officially acknowledging the bond between those who wish to spend the rest of their lives together.

Enchanted Forest Wedding Invitation by akdreamweaver
Enchanted Forest Wedding Invitation by akdreamweaver

Here in Borealis (northern hemisphere) it is in between Transequinox & Equinox, being a time of year where the weather is warm (making it easier for travel and for hosting outdoor events), it is during harvest when food is plentiful (making it easy to host a feast), and if conception occurs the new offspring would be born at a time when most large mammals have them – in spring. This makes it an ideal time for bonding ceremonies, and as such I’ll be sharing two examples of how a bonding ceremony can go – one personal (exclusively between the lovers), and a public one.

There is a seedling which is used in the bonding ceremony. This seedling is to be taken home to be cared for by those whom are bonded. After a year and a day this seedling is then planted in a location that is special to those bonded. If the seedling happens to die before it is planted in the ground, it is okay. The main point is to plant a tree after a year and a day in symbolism – so it doesn’t have to be the same seedling. This is encouraged because throughout the years you share together, you can watch how the tree you’ve planted close to home grows with your relationship. Creating a simple reminder of our connections within Nature.


Public Bonding Ceremony

(As loved ones attending the ceremony are gathered before Officiant, those to be bonded are hidden from each other and those attending by curtains or brush, and are situated on either side of Officiant)

Officiant: “Here we are gathered, to witness and support our beloved (OR insert names of those being Bonded) as they come into Bonding.”

(Come out of hiding, see each other for first time that day, meet in front of Officiant and Join hands)

“And in bonding we are to remember the many lessons found in Nature.

That there will be times when you flourish and grow, when things come easily and your love is in its fullness. These are the times of long light and growth.”

(Behind the Officiant is a small tree planted the previous day by those to be bonded. Officiant moves aside and Those in Bonding together give a last handful of soil to tree and together use jug of water beside tree to pour water around tree’s trunk. Return to position before Officiant – If unable to plant tree in earth at location of ceremony, have tree in pot, this tree will later be planted in the ground prior to reception, or honeymoon.)

“There will be times when you harvest the fruits of your labors, and find satisfaction in working towards a common goal. These are the times of harvest.”

(Officiant holds up a stick with an apple, or other stemmed fruit, hanging on the end of the stick by a string, and raises it so the apple is in front of mouths of those being bonded. They then come together to pin the apple between each of their mouths and together bite the apple.)

“And there will be times of cold, longing and darkness, when you must endure hardships and grief. These are the times of long nights and dormancy.”

(The Officiant hands a dead twig to those in bonding and those in bonding together break the twig and drop it at their feet)

“But beyond all these is the revitalization of new life and play. And these are the times of spring.”

(The Officiant bends down and moves the dead twig from the ground and with the other hand reveals a potted seedling of which is handed to those in bonding whom together raise the seedling and then return it to the Officiant to be placed to the side)

“By working together you will rediscover the joys of spring, the passion of long days, and the fruits of harvest.”

Officiant: *Repeat after me* (those in bonding repeat the words at the same time)

*”I promise to share with you..” – “..the warmth of long days,” – “the bounty of harvest,” – “the trials of long nights,” – “and the joys of spring.”*

(exchange rings or other form of expressing your Bond together)

Officiant: “In your years together remember this message of the changing seasons. Blessed Be your Bonding.”


(Race through ‘aisle’ between those in attendance whom are showering flowers, seeds or leaves over them)


 Personal Bonding Ceremony

Find a safe location where you can perform the personal ceremony, plant a tree (2 yrs old or older), a seedling (have it placed nearby before ceremony), and where there is a nearby low hanging branch. On this branch will be a string tied to an apple (or other stemmed fruit) so that the fruit can hang in a way that you can together bite it (Hang the apple before the ceremony). If there is no low branch for an apple to hang from, a found long branch staked into the ground will do.


Together: “Times of flourish, and of growth, things come easy, love is full – These are the times of long days.”

(Together plant a small tree and with both your hands on a jug of water, pour water around tree’s trunk.)

(Come together on either side of the hanging fruit)

Together: “Times of harvest, fruits from labor, satisfaction in a common goal – These are the times of harvest.”

(Pin the fruit between your mouths and together bite the fruit.)

“Times of cold, longing, darkness, enduring hardships, and feeling grief – These are the times of long nights.”

(Together hold a dead twig, snap it and drop it at your feet)

“Beyond all these is the revitalization of new life and play – These are times of spring.”

(Brush the broken twig aside and together raise the seedling and place it where the dead twig was)

“Working together, we rediscover, joys of spring, passion of long days, and the fruits of harvest.”

*”Warmth of long days – Bounty of harvest – Trials of long nights – Joys of spring. These I will share with you”*

(exchange rings or other form of expressing your Bond together)

“Throughout our years, we’ll remember this, the message of the changing seasons.”

(Kiss each other)

(and since you are alone you can consummate your bonding then and there)


If you want to learn about this and other customs and rituals 
related to Ehoah follow this link.

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