Equilux, Preparing For A New Day: Ethical House Cleaning, Downsizing, Mending & An Offering To The Birds

Equilux, Preparing For A New Day: Ethical House Cleaning, Downsizing, Mending & An Offering To The Birds March 19, 2015

Saegoah Year Wheels. Image Credit: Rua Lupa
Saegoah Year Wheels. Image Credit: Rua Lupa

Equilux is seen as the dawn of the year because it is the point where the balance of night and day tips over into longer days. Hence the name which means ‘Equal Light’. For many people there is the common custom of house cleaning and its no different for me. I get the cleaning itch and when I get started it it is very difficult to stop – it is a very thorough clean that I make sure is conscientious every step of the way. And here is how you can too!


Method To The Cleaning Madness

As a Saegoah (Seeker of Complete Harmony within Nature) I take my possessions and their end of life seriously. Even before owning an item I always ask the *important questions* and so by the time it comes to the end of that item’s utility for me, its destiny is already planned for – making the process that much easier to complete. House Cleaning is usually when most objects find their end point in their journey in my life, as I am a strong advocate of only keeping what you use. If one of the objects I posses aren’t being used they move on.

To make this even easier I have a system.

1) Empty the room of everything
(I do leave beds and other large pieces of furniture if I am using those items – I do have some inherited dressers that are in dire need of finding a home, dressers are serious space hoggers that are not really needed)

2) Clean room (dust, sweep/vacuum, wipe walls & ceilings with warm soapy water, clean windows with damp cloth with vinegar and water)

3) As you return each item to the room thoroughly check it over – for cleaning, mending and to take the time to think on whether you actually use it.

4) If you use it and it needs mending, set it aside to mend; If it can no longer be mended, dispose of it (take apart and compost or recycle its components); If you haven’t used it within a year and is in good shape Donate it, if in poor shape dismantle and compost or recycle it components. (Note that décor and sentimental items are used whenever it is seen, if it hasn’t been looked at for over several months, then donate it.).

Sentimental items can be re purposed into something that is used. Such as T-shirts that no longer fit or you simply don’t wear any more but can’t donate because of what is on them you can have sewn together as a quilt throw for your couch – adding snuggle value and creating a conversation piece.

Image Credit: Andrea T. Funk, Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

5) Once every item has been gone over and found its end place, mend items that were previously set aside for mending, put them in their place, then repeat for next room.

The reason why I do a full room sweep is because items are always found in unexpected places. They seem to like to go to these unexpected places to get ‘lost’ and think it a very fun game to play at extreme lengths. This method of cleaning has the intent of downsizing which slowly diminishes the risk of playing the ‘lost’ game with your stuff. I swear the more stuff you have you are bound to get a few conspirators to convince your usually docile and compliant items to play.

I’m also a strong advocate of open storage as it decreases the likelihood of losing things, buying more than what you need, and keeping things you don’t actually use.


Patches For Mending & Fiber For The Birds

When it comes to mending I keep some well worn fabrics for their segments that I can later use as creative patches (incorporating embroidery) for other items that can yet be salvaged.

I also take the no longer salvageable clothing, tear it apart and offer its fibers to the returning birds to use in their nests.

And after all that cleaning, I enjoy a long awaited spring walk (perhaps with a feather ribbon wand and a flute) and sing a tune to greet the new day*.

*This greeting of the New Year can also include Seeding Eggs, Egg Messages, and taking a bit of cloth with a new year’s wish for a wishing tree.

Flower Patch From Old Linen Trousers and Embroidered. Patch by & Image Credit: Rua Lupa
Patched Children’s Pants. Patch From Old Linen Trousers and Embroidered As A Flower. Patch by & Image Credit: Rua Lupa
Old Unsalvageable Clothing Turned Into Nesting Fibers Offered To Spring Birds. Image Credit: Helen, Curly Birds: The Art of Play

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