Lunchtime Conversation

Lunchtime Conversation January 7, 2011

The coloring page Ms Action brought home from story time at the Ladies morning out, was of a child without hair. The kids were apparently supposed to color in the hair themselves (as attested by the faint pink scribbles around the forehead) Usually the picture is related to the story they read somehow, so I was curious, what story would involve an emphasis on hair?

Me: So what did you do in story time today?

3yo: We ate cookies and played with a ball.

Me: Did you read a story?

3yo: Yeah.

Me: What was it about?

3yo: God and Jesus. (To be expected, this is at a church after all)

Me: What happened in the story?

3yo: Jesus ranned away from God because he was afraid. (Um, is this possibly the story of Jonah?)

2yo: (Who was in nursery, not story time) Yeah! He was afraid of the big dinosaur!! (Trust Ms Drama to bring in a dinosaur)

3yo: (Nodding): It was really scary. (Apparently this story is flexible)

2yo: So he climbed up the big big hill and tried to get away from the lion!

3yo: (giggling) And then he ran away from the big rock but it rolled over his hair and then, his hair came off! (Um, Samson?)

2yo: And he ran into a house. I wanna pickle like you mommy!

3yo: And Joseph ranned into the house to and he was angry because the other boy wouldn’t come out and play. Can I have a pickle too mom?

2yo: This pickle tastes really yucky in my mouth!! (Trying to scrape the taste of said pickle off of her tongue)

3yo: I’m going to dip my pickle in my ketchup! That will make it yummy!

To date, the true identity of the mysterious story has not been solved.

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