my Liturgists Podcast interview on The Bible Tells Me So (plus an extra bonus thingy)

my Liturgists Podcast interview on The Bible Tells Me So (plus an extra bonus thingy) August 26, 2014

liturgistsLast week I was interviewed over at The Liturgists podcast by “Science Mike” McHargue, Michael Gungor, and Lissa Paino, and here it is. We talked about the Bible and hit a lot of themes I cover in The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It (available for pre-order now and officially out September 9).

And speaking of which, if you think you may be one of those people who takes the Bible too literally, a Buzzfeed list has 1o signs to help you find out for sure.


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  • Stephen W

    You know those little musical interludes? For some reason I kept getting an image of Lissa sitting there getting bored with the conversation and picking up various instruments and doodling away to brighten things up…

  • Just Sayin’

    Dr. Enns, on another subject entirely, did you ever get around to reading Iain Provan’s tome, ‘Seriously Dangerous Religion’? I’d be very interested in your thoughts on it. It doesn’t seem to have been (professionally) reviewed anywhere that I can find.

  • Anthony

    Great podcast. Your response to the question about why we should believe the Bible at all was excellent. Have you written about that in a more comprehensive manner anywhere?

    • peteenns

      I touch on a lot of that in my upcoming book. Thanks for the question, Anthony!

      • Anthony

        Thanks for the response. I pre-ordered your book two months ago and am greatly looking forward to reading it.

  • Judy Gale

    Someone recently introduced me to this podcast, so, how cool to hear this interview with you!

  • Jeff Y

    Can’t wait for the book. The 10 Signs were hilarious! Thanks for the link.