here’s my latest podcast–to change your life and bring world peace

here’s my latest podcast–to change your life and bring world peace March 17, 2015

nwn-logo-1-14-15Here is my third podcast with Luke Norsworthy over at his excellent podcast Newsworthy with Norsworthy.

Herein, I pontificate on many subjects, some known to me.

Actually I forgot what we discussed until I read Luke’s description on his site:

Dr. Peter Enns returns to the show to discuss the Five Words that Define Pete, accepting not always being right, Richard Rohr, Heaven being a lonely place, and being two Petes in one pod with Peter Rollins.

I also recall us talking about how this must have been a slow week for Luke to have me on, and a rather stimulating riff about my three dogs and Canaanite genocide, which unfortunately WASN’T RECORDED (LUKE!!!!!). It was pure gold. But alas, now it is with the angels.

We also talked a bit about The Bible Tells Me So and I touched for a brief moment on the currently 80% finished draft of my next book with HarperOne, coming outTBTMS next spring, on trusting God rather than being preoccupied with formulating correct thoughts about God…or something like that. It’s a work in progress.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

And I hope you listen to more of Luke’s podcasts. He has a regular stream of interesting and influential guests and the discussions are low-key, funny, conversational, and very informative. (It’s a regular download of mine for gym time.)

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  • docmyron

    when we press the edges of our faith we will never return to the place we once were is a truism which we need to become comfortable with and accept. However, I find we cannot always tell those not yet ready for our new edges as they will respond with accusations about the validity of our faith. There does need a place where these can be shared though to help us clarify our new edge, Thanks for reminding us of this truth on the podcast.

  • Daniel Merriman

    Catching up on Patheos today, I saw

    If our mass consumption driven western version of modernity is sustainable, perhaps Dr. Enns concerns are a problem that will only be replicated as the lands where Christianity is vibrant and growing become more secular in imitation of the West. If the future holds something else, then these concerns are the very definition of a first world problem. The frustrating thing about being in my mid-60’s is that I doubt that I will be around to find out.

    • Daniel Merriman

      Oops. This should have been posted in the why young people are leaving the faith thread.

  • Duncan Pugh

    Sometimes I think everything is a midrash of sorts?