Breakfast Links: Life’s Autumn, Legalizing Pot (Not), the Uncivil War

Breakfast Links: Life’s Autumn, Legalizing Pot (Not), the Uncivil War October 25, 2012


Richard Dahlstrom: “There’s a matchless beauty in the autumn of life.  My life feels more like August than October, but who knows?  What I do know is that for the leaves I love, in this month I love, the final days are glorious.”

Scott Brown, Christian Post: The Best Voter’s Guide – the Bible

Karen Spears Zacharias: “There was a dead child on the floor but that was of little concern to the man pacing.  He had pushed a dining room table and chairs up against a hollow-wood door, in a frantic effort to keep out the EMTs and law enforcement officials who had descended on his home like August gnats.”

Howard Fineman, Huffington Post: The Last, Bloody Yards

John Fea: “Lincoln knew that our democratic culture would not be sustained by the kind of political and cultural vitriol that he was witnessing in the wake of the Civil War.  As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of this tragic event in the American past, democracy is no longer being threatened by secession, slavery, or a bloody Civil War, but it is being threatened by our failure to resolve our differences in a civil fashion, work for the common good, and develop the kinds of social virtues necessary for our republic to continue to function.”

Derek Hunter, NY Daily News: What the White House Knew – and When – About Libya

Amy Julia Becker: “Because I am able to ignore the physical limitations (and possibilities) of each season in a physical sense, I find myself also ignoring the seasons of my life… I find myself thinking that fallow ground is barren ground, when it may simply be a necessary preparation for abundance.”

Tim Dalrymple: “More to the point, it’s unloving to communicate the truth in such an unloving manner that our hearers conclude that whatever is delivered by people who behave in this way cannot possibly be true.”

Mike Allen, Politico: Obama Has Math Edge

Rick Santorum: “What evidence is there that the Taliban will treat girls and women with the dignity they deserve and ensure their freedom and educational opportunities? There is no such evidence. To believe otherwise is not “hope and change” but hype and wishful thinking.”

The Economist: The Vatican’s 007

John C. Holbert: “Job has at last witnessed YHWH, and what he has learned is that the YHWH he thought he knew, the one he had merely “heard about” from foolish teachers like his friends, was not YHWH at all. That mechanical being who supposedly runs the universe in some sort of calculated way, rewarding and punishing depending upon the easily understood actions of God’s human creatures, plainly does not exist… Here the world of Job and friends has been turned upside down. Those imagined to be pious and pure are now in need of the prayers of one who they thought was earth’s foulest sinner. It is a new world indeed.”

Gary S. Smith, The Center for Vision and Values: Knocking on Death’s Door – Proof of Heaven

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  • matt

    Have you read that “Bible is the best voting guide” article? Are you endorsing the ideas in it?