Breakfast Links for 11/01/12 – Jesus Zombie, A Gift of Ourselves, The Vatican on James Bond

Breakfast Links for 11/01/12 – Jesus Zombie, A Gift of Ourselves, The Vatican on James Bond November 1, 2012


Via Scot McKnight, Jeff Cook, Patheos/Jesus Creed: “He came back to life after his death. He is chasing all human beings everywhere. Once he gets hold of people, his blood changes them and they in turn seek to change others.  Could it be more clear? Jesus was a Zombie.”

George Neumayr, The American Spectator: The Gospel According to Joe Biden

Jonathan Dudley, CNN Belief Blog: When Evangelicals Were Pro-Choice

Margarita A Mooney, Patheos/Black, White and Gray: “First, modesty is decency and discretion; modesty does not seek to spark the imagination. Modesty protects the mysterious part of ourselves; a necessary step for being able to make a gift of ourselves in marriage.”

Tom Kington, The Guardian: The Vatican on James Bond

Daniel Harrell, Patheos/Cultivare: “He remains, of course, in the business of new creation and resurrection from the dead. It seems part of Jesus point here is that if a hurricane doesn’t get you, something else will. This life is not all there is.”

Michael Medved, The Daily Beast: It’s the Values, Stupid!

Richard Dahlstrom, Patheos/Fibonacci Faith: “That’s all well and good until you meet an actual person because real people are both more glorious, and more annoying than anything in our fantasies.  This is the thesis of Ruby Sparks, a movie well worth the time if you want to better understand the challenges that come when we spend too much time in our heads, or in our virtual worlds.”

Conn Carroll, Washington Examiner: Late Breakers Moving to Romney

Greg Sargent, Washington Post: There Won’t Be a Late Shift to Romney

J.E. Dyer, Patheos/The Optimistic Christian: “When God judges governments, He will look at how they treated their people. Outcomes are in God’s hands; what we control is the attitudes of our hearts.”

Dick Morris, Real Clear Politics: Here Comes the Landslide

Daniel Stone, National Geographic News: A Tsunami in the Alps?



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