The Best Reaction Ever

The Best Reaction Ever May 16, 2013

I write most often at this blog on the faith dimensions of social, cultural and political issues.  But every now and then I can’t resist sharing a little from my family life.  So from time to time I’ll write about Why We Have Children or Why We Marry.

One of the weapons in my daddy arsenal, something I can pull out to entertain children, is my patented Duck in a Propeller noise.  This is produced by making a quacking duck sound (think Donald Duck) while grabbing your cheeks and shaking them vigorously.  Curiously, I had never used this noise before for my youngest daughter, who is now about 20 months old.  Last night, after I’d dressed her for bed and prepared to give her a bottle, I busted out the Dying Duck — and here’s the response I got:

Oh for the days when I could respond with such wide-eyed wonder, such pure enjoyment, to the simple things in life.

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