The Best Reaction Ever

The Best Reaction Ever May 16, 2013

I write most often at this blog on the faith dimensions of social, cultural and political issues.  But every now and then I can’t resist sharing a little from my family life.  So from time to time I’ll write about Why We Have Children or Why We Marry.

One of the weapons in my daddy arsenal, something I can pull out to entertain children, is my patented Duck in a Propeller noise.  This is produced by making a quacking duck sound (think Donald Duck) while grabbing your cheeks and shaking them vigorously.  Curiously, I had never used this noise before for my youngest daughter, who is now about 20 months old.  Last night, after I’d dressed her for bed and prepared to give her a bottle, I busted out the Dying Duck — and here’s the response I got:

Oh for the days when I could respond with such wide-eyed wonder, such pure enjoyment, to the simple things in life.

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  • Oh my gosh, Tim. This is perfect. But as a completely biased mother, I might have to argue about who has the best reaction ever. Over on the Patheos family channel, I posted this:

    Let’s just say she wins in the under four category, and Ez takes it for the above fours. At least for this month, on this website, among the parents who are perhaps overly moved by their own children.

  • MatthewS

    These are the moments that made me think “nobody told me about this!” in a good way. We know to be scared of the diapers and finances and lost nights of sleep. But these moments are golden.

    For me, the great moment of wild-eyed delight was when my son was laying on the floor of the aquarium in Denver, watching through a port hole as sharks would swim by in a circuit. His whole body would go rigid and he would exclaim, “there’s one daddy!”

    It’s a cliche, but treasure the moments. They are but memories so fast.