Blog Tour Finish Line / A Peek Ahead

Blog Tour Finish Line / A Peek Ahead July 3, 2014

The final posts from the epic If Only journey `round the web are below:

Aleah Marsden offers a review, a remembrance and a reflection – all in one witty post at And wise friend Judy Allen reviews If Only at

And Leslie Sholly is running a give-away in conjunction with her thoughts about her if only’s at Life In Every Limb.

You can check out the earlier pit stops on this virtual road trip here and here.

A huge thanks to Rachel and team at Beacon Hill Press for putting together this tour. I’m grateful for such great participation by so many different bloggers.

One more set of “thank you’s” – I am overwhelmed with the kind words of the excellent writers and communicators who offered words of endorsement for If Only. I respect the work of each one of them, and want to make sure to point you in their direction:

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to preview the book and read reviews, reflections and more on the tour, why not head over to Amazon and get yourself a copy? Here’s a handy link —> IF ONLY  

There’s more to say about the issue of regret, its effect on us, and how it can be redeemed. Watch for a few more posts and links in the coming weeks. I’d welcome an opportunity to come to your church, retreat, small group or book club to speak about the themes in the book. Want to know more? Click here to contact me.

* * * * * * *

I’m looking forward to digging into some new topics in this space beginning next week – including a provocative look at two very different books about the church written by Jewish writers. There’s so much to talk about, isn’t there? Stay tuned!

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