Astrology of 2013: Part Four

Astrology of 2013: Part Four January 5, 2013

Working with Water

2013 is a great time to get to know your emotional nature and develop a deeper understanding of how to extrapolate the truth and wisdom from your emotions without clinging to them or over-identifying with them.

We also need to seek healthy expression for our emotions. Just as the land can be flooded and crops and homes destroyed or damaged by too much rain, so can our hearts and minds be overwhelmed by too much undirected emotion or emotion that is vented harshly. Lashing out in times of stress is only ever a very short term solution to pent-up feelings, and only creates negative karma.

If you find yourself yelling at someone, no matter what they may have apparently done to you, please try and catch yourself before you cause damage. There are other ways to work with frustration, rage, grief and anxiety than by taking it out on others. The feeling of being justified in being angry is rarely truthful to the whole scene. 99% of the time it is a justification for using an avenue for temporary relief for feelings you don’t know how to handle any other way.

Anger vented on any other being is almost invariably an error. The only time it might be worthwhile is if the anger arises as part of a survival reaction to defend yourself from real physical threat. And even then, a calm mind will be much more effective.

Emotion has a natural outlet in art. If you find yourself feeling things strongly this year, as many of us will, use an art form to channel the emotion into creativity, just as we channel too much water into ditches so it doesn’t drown the fields and can be useful rather than destructive.

Spiritual practices that emphasize compassion are particularly relevant this year: for example,  Avalokitesvara/Chenrezig, Tara, and the Four Immeasurables from Buddhism; Christ consciousness and Mary devotion from Christianity; heart-opening chants from Sufism.


Next post coming in a couple of days, on how the Sun Signs fare in 2013

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