Lunar Eclipse April 25 2013

Lunar Eclipse April 25 2013 April 23, 2013

As eclipses go, in astronomical terms this is a short (27 minutes) and minor (covering only a sliver of the Moon) version. But still, to astrologers, eclipses rank highly as indicators of disturbance and change, so we pay it due attention. Especially when the chart is strong, as it is this time, with either end of the eclipse conjuncting Mars and Saturn who are coming into opposition, and we have just had a major disturbance and mass trauma from the Boston bombings, and North Korea is rattling its nuclear sabres.

Eclipses send out their influence behind and ahead of them, sometimes just making ripples and sometimes coinciding with changes that completely alter the landscape of our lives, depending on how closely they connect with our own birth charts.

Lunar Eclipses occur at the Full Moon, the stage in the lunar cycle that signifies the fullness of expression and the onset of the waning of the month’s energy. So often events and decisions that occur around a Lunar Eclipse have been brewing for a while, whereas with a Solar Eclipse (occurring at the New Moon) whatever happens within or without is more likely to be a brand new thing.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses occur in sequence and sometimes three happen at once, as with this April and May, when we get a Lunar, followed by a Solar, followed by another Lunar. So we can think of this as two completions/endings on either side of a brand new start, all connected. Many of us will be beginning something new in May that involves letting go, with at least two layers of endings.

April’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is exact at 12:58 pm West Coast US, 3:58 pm East Coast US, 8:58 pm in the UK on April 25, and the next day, April 26, at 5:58 am East Coast Australia. The eclipse itself is greatest effect nine minutes after the moment of the Full Moon.

At a Lunar Eclipse the shadow of the Earth falls across the Full Moon, sometimes obliterating it entirely. This time it is a Partial Eclipse, so just a sliver of the Moon will be missing, but the shadow of the Earth will take out much of the Moon’s glow. The eclipse will be visible in Eastern Europe, Africa, central Asia, and Western Australia. (Eclipses of the Moon are only visible at night, of the Sun by day.)

The eclipse occurs with the Moon at 05:46 degrees Scorpio. Here is the chart:

April 25 Lunar Eclipse

So you can see that this is an unusually potent Full Moon with the Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio (not a happy combo: in its worst manifestation hyperemotional, self-destructive, vengeful and violently distorted; at its best, deeply transformative and regenerative) opposing the Sun which is closely conjunct Mars (aggressive) in Taurus (inclined to be stubborn and possessive). Venus is conjunct the South Node in Taurus which adds to the possessive theme. So this is sticky because at a time when we need to let go, the stars are more on the side of clinging. Some clinging can be beneficial. It can be too easy to let go of the good for the fleetingly appealing. But sometimes we have to change despite our attachments, and I think this Lunar Eclipse is talking about that. The South Node in Taurus is not a time when it is easy to let go, yet let go we must in order to channel the deep social change and soul cleansing inferred by Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio.

The way out of the dilemma is shown through Pluto (which trines one end of the opposition and sextiles the other). This configuration is known as an Easy Opposition, and shows the way to reconcile apparent polarities. Pluto is all about letting go, about honouring transformation and releasing into it, breathing fully into the change that wants to happen, rather than contracting and pulling back. So if life is urging you to change for the better this eclipse cycle, let Pluto’s best spirit of joyful ending and passionate rebirth infuse you with enthusiasm for the new inspiration coming your way.  There is a second and also significant Easy Opposition to Neptune in Pisces, suggesting that through surrender, sacrifice and spiritual practice we can adjust to the energies of the eclipse and find our way through peaceably.

How this eclipse affects you does of course depend on your natal chart — those most affected were born around 23-27 April and 23-27 October. So the Sun in these charts is directly impacted. But if any other personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) are around 3-9 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio, or the other water and earth signs, then you are likely to feel some impact from this transformative Full Moon Eclipse.

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