March Equinox 2013

March Equinox 2013 March 18, 2013

The Equinox is exact March 20 at 4:02 am L.A., 7:02 am New York, 11:02 am London, 12:02 pm Paris, 10:02 pm Sydney. It is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Autumn Equinox in the Southern.

Here’s a link to my essay on the traditions and meaning of the Spring Equinox.

When we cast the astrological chart for the moment of the Equinox it gives us a flavour of the coming quarter of the year. It’s the birth chart of the quarter, and reflects the tone of the times.

The intensely emotional theme of this year continues in the ingress chart for this next quarter. Here is the chart:

March Equinox 2013

So you’ll see the Sun at zero degrees of Aries, sandwiched between Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus, and Venus at the tail end of Pisces, about to make her way into Aries.

The Aries planets square onto the Moon in Cancer, which in turn forms a Water Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune/Mercury/Chiron, and opposes Pluto creating a Kite formation.

This is a powerful chart. It suggests heightened emotion, the potential for deep healing, with an emphasis on the fundamental relationship between feminine and masculine. It is a highly active and energetic chart, but also extremely emotional. So there is the potential for healing through catharsis, but also for causing damage through selfish venting.

The Sun/Mars/Venus Aries sandwich continues right through till the middle of April, and marks a time of great passion, zest for life, and a strong spirit of change and innovation. Much is being born at this time, so life may feel a little chaotic. Relationships may dissolve and commence with great rapidity. After the relative stagnation of all those planets in Pisces while Mercury was retrograde, now the floodgates are opened and stuck projects and processes begin to shift and transform.

This is a powerful time to make space for your inner healing, to fully release shackles from the past, to seek forgiveness and to forgive others, to allow resolution in order to fully free up your energy to move forward in the present. Enjoy breaking free, but don’t forget to honour those who gave birth to you and who have helped you in this life.


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