The Deck of the Bastard

The Deck of the Bastard June 5, 2016

My Curious Cabinet


Oh heavenly, blissful gift to the fickle world of tarot! This is exactly the deck that so many of us have been thirsting for. I resisted for so long – I don’t need it, surely I don’t need it, I tried to tell myself – but it haunted my waking hours, each scan I glimpsed nudging me ever closer, until finally I gave in and ordered.  I think it was the sheer uniqueness of this deck that finally pushed me over the edge. That together with the idea of all the different backs and very contemporary potential for customisation. Torn between two back designs, I ended up ordering both as I knew that whichever one I didn’t order I would regret forever. The idea is superb. You invariably ask yourself, why didn’t someone think of this before? The fact is, I’m sure they did, but it required proficient and meticulous… View original post

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