Feeling the Effects of the Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

Feeling the Effects of the Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse January 24, 2019

Transformation, Creativity and New Perspectives

Eclipses are special events in and of themselves, this one in particular, being a Super Moon made it extra special.  The Moon’s close proximity to Earth intensified the power that this eclipse will have over the next six months.  The Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse that occurred on January 21st, 2019 was the beginning of this year’s eclipse cycle, which will be completed with the next lunar eclipse in July 2019.  It also wrapped up the influences from last year’s eclipse cycle which was rather traumatic to say the least.  The stagnancy, confusion and culling of the last eclipse cycle left us in a rather vulnerable state.  With all of the planetary retrogrades of last summer and the heavy martial influence of the last lunar eclipse we were due for a break.

The Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse occurred in Leo this year, just as it did last January, lighting up the creative, passionate dramatic corner of the zodiac.  While emotions may be running a little higher than normal; the square to Uranus, planet of innovation and invention, brings in a new perspective.  Not only are we re-energized with new motivation for creative pursuits, the emotional exhaustion of the previous years seems to be coming to a close.

Waking up at 11:20 pm, just in time to see the eclipse reach totality, I was met with a dizzying feeling of vibrating energetic waves.  This weird energy lasted throughout the duration of the eclipse, accompanied by a strange silence.  Eclipses are interesting astrological events, and have profound energetic implications as well, their effects lasting long after the eclipse itself has ended.  The Moon being gradually obscured goes through its phases in backwards motion; first waning as the shadow of the Earth covers its face.  It then becomes dark, only to grow to its full brightness in a number of hours.  This lunar unwinding and increasing acts as a sort of reset to the previous eclipse phase, while setting the effects of the new phase into motion.  The personal and interpersonal aspects of the self are aligned, and new perspective is realized.

Many people experience vivid dreams and visions during the night of the eclipse.  The ebb and flow of lunar and solar energies at this period of time have interesting effects on the natural world as well.  Eclipses are also powerful times for divination and scrying.  The power of the new moon and full moon exist in a simultaneous harmony creating a kind of gateway between our world and the subtle realms.  Divinations at this time can shed light on the influences of the coming eclipse period.

Remember to take advantage of these extra creative energies.  Listen to any intuitions and insights that seem to come out of nowhere.  New ideas and concepts arise from the energies generated by the Uranian influence.  We can expect some major turns in world events as peoples passions are heightened.  During this time we should recognize our emotions, but also act from a place of logic and levelheadedness.

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