Saint Bonaventure, Doctor Our Holy Men; Thursday’s Prayer for Priests

Saint Bonaventure, Doctor Our Holy Men; Thursday’s Prayer for Priests July 16, 2015

Lille_PdBA_rubens_st_bonaventureSt. Bonaventure, feast day July 15, taught the faith to many holy men. Let us ask for his intercession for today’s Catholic Church leaders.

Father, be with the leaders of your flock in their needs today.  Help your Bishops and priests to interpret the Gospel message with clarity and urgency, witnessing in their own lives to the teaching and example of Christ. Fortify and encourage those among them who are fearful and confused; be truly a Father to those who have fallen away. Bless those who are involved in new responses to contemporary needs; guide those who direct and foster dialogue with other Christians, with non-Christians and with the secular city. Assist those who are trying to promote Christian values, that with zeal tempered by prudence, and in the framework of lawful authority, they may help to build up a truly Christian world for man. Send your Holy Spirit in a new outpouring, so that under these leaders chosen by you, the entire People of God may progress in a harmonious cooperation towards their final consummation in unity, truth and love by, with and in your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

Image Saint Bonaventure au Palais des beaux-arts de Lille. Rubens, 1620. Public domain, 


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