Discernment Podcasting…plus Links (a few)

Discernment Podcasting…plus Links (a few) January 30, 2023

It is a gray, cold day–what else would it be in mid-winter in the northeast?–here in Bing and so we’ve done rather a long podcast. We talk–at length–about Mari Kondo losing her will to tidy, how everyone has too much stuff, and how much we’re paying for heating. Then, as usual, we talk about what to do if you are not very discerning about false teaching. We start with Andy Stanely and move on to how to read the Bible and then on to the Holy Post. It’s all you could expect.

Here is the thing about Mari Kondo.

Here is the long thread we talk about.

Here is the Holy Post Podcast.

NGL, I am rather enjoying this site.

This is wonderful.

Here is an excellent sermon and a helpful class.

And now I have to go have my long walk in the cold. Have a nice day!

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