Jehovah’s Witnesses Indoctrinate Kids With Creepy Anti-Gay Cartoon

Jehovah’s Witnesses Indoctrinate Kids With Creepy Anti-Gay Cartoon May 3, 2016

Teaching kids to hate, Jehovah’s Witnesses indoctrinate children with a creepy anti-gay cartoon.

A new cartoon released by the Jehovah’s Witnesses teaches kids that being gay is wrong. The unsettling but well produced animated short encourages children to oppose same-sex relationships and convince homosexuals that they must “change” if they are to be allowed in heaven.

The two-minute video is part of a series on the organization’s website aimed at children called “Become Jehovah’s Friend.”

In the cartoon, a young girl tells her mother that a school friend has two moms. The girl goes on to explain that her friend’s mothers are married, and that their teacher told them:

All that matters is that people love each other and that they’re happy.

Rather than embracing the simple message of tolerance, the mother gently explains why tolerance is wrong, and why children must reject gay people and try to change them. The mother says:

People have their own ideas about what is right and wrong – but what matters is how Jehovah feels. He wants us to be happy and he knows how we can be happiest. That’s why he invented marriage the way he did.

The mother explains that marriage is between “one man and one woman,” noting:

Jehovah created Adam and Eve, male and female. Then he said a man will stick to his wife… Jesus said the same thing.

Jehovah’s standards haven’t changed. It’s kind of like bringing something on an plane – what happens if someone tries to bring something on that isn’t allowed?

It’s the same with Jehovah! He wants us to be his friend, and live in paradise forever, but we have to follow his standards to get there.

To get there we have to leave some things behind – that means anything Jehovah doesn’t approve of.

The implication is clear: Heaven has a checkpoint, and gays are not allowed.

Mother continues:

People can change, that’s why we share his message.

The little girl responds by saying that she will confront her friend, and tell her friend that Jehovah doesn’t approve of her same-sex parents, and that her parents will not get into heaven if they don’t give up their same-sex relationship.

The message of the video is clear, and easy for a child to understand: heaven has a security checkpoint, and gays are not allowed. The insidious cartoon teaches children that LGBT people are flawed and damaged, and must change. In the end, it is a subtle message of hate.

Bottom line: The video is yet another depressing reminder of the damage religious indoctrination does to children.

(H/T Pink News) Watch the video below –

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)

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