For Those Still Not Feeling Hillary, The Latest #DNCLeaks Provide Affirmation.

For Those Still Not Feeling Hillary, The Latest #DNCLeaks Provide Affirmation. July 22, 2016

Visit the link:

I hope you’re not surprised.

Green Party presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, was quick to share the news:

Some outlets are touching these leaks, while others are deciding to stay quiet.

The leaks are interesting and go into areas that have long been subject to the concerns of those who support anti-establishment politicians and those highly critical of Clinton. There seems to be plenty on Bernie Sanders, Sanders’ supporters, Clinton’s e-mails, questionable fundraising, keeping voters ignorant, a lack of integrity and fairness, corrupt dealings with members of the media, etc., etc. reports:

[DNC Chairwoman] Wasserman Schultz seemed to have already counted Sanders out of the race in a May 21 email, when there were still nine primaries to go.

“This is a silly story,” the chairwoman said. “He isn’t going to be president.”

In another email, Paustenbach informed her that Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said the candidate should continue to the convention, Wasserman Shultz said: “He is an ASS,” referring to Weaver.

The chairwoman made her opinion clear about Sanders in an message concerning the candidate alleging that the party hadn’t been fair to him.

“Spoken like someone who has never been a member of the Democratic Party and has no understanding of what we do,” she said.

 There seems to be clear bias in the aggregate as well. Searches of the database shows an apparent bias by DNC officials against Sanders just by how closely either campaign was monitored. A search of “Sanders supporters” yields 306 messages, while a search of “Clinton supporters” shows only 65 results. A search of “his campaign” yields 780 messages, while “her campaign” only brings up a paltry 120 results.

For those of you who are curious to find that affirmation of your hesitation to feel the Hillary, use the convenient search option at Wikileaks to peruse #DNCLeaks. Here’s the link.

The Democratic Party’s race wasn’t simply between Sanders and Clinton. It should be clear now, if it wasn’t clear for some before, that this was between Sanders and the combined Clinton-Democratic Establishment. Here we’re using “democratic” in a loose sense.

Happy reading!

p.s. If you’re upset about how your contributions to Hillary and the DNC are being used, consider donating to the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, instead.

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