“The Death Penalty Denies God’s plan of Mercy”: Abp. Gomez on Repealing California’s Death Penalty

“The Death Penalty Denies God’s plan of Mercy”: Abp. Gomez on Repealing California’s Death Penalty September 16, 2016

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In a new video released earlier this month, Los Angeles’ Archbishop José H. Gomez encourages Catholics throughout the state  to join the Bishops of California in ending capital punishment by voting for Proposition 62 on November 8.

The Archbishop notes that, “The Church teaches that the death penalty can no longer be accepted.” “Every life is sacred,” he explains, as “every person has a dignity that comes from God” and it is to “God alone” that “life belongs.”

“The death penalty,” he continues, “denies God’s plan of mercy and justice.”

As the video message comes to a close, Archbishop Gomez reminds viewers that “killing the criminal does not bring justice to the victims.”

The death penalty is an attempt to quench our sinful thirst for blood, our thirst for revenge, for power over life and death, our desire to scapegoat and condemn as opposed to reform and fight for justice.

“Rather than condemn them to death,” the Archbishop closes, “as Christians, we should pray for their conversion and encourage their rehabilitation … this is why I ask you to join me and the Bishops of California this November 8 to vote yes on proposition 62 which will repeal the death penalty in California. Together, let us answer the call of Pope Francis to seek mercy and a world without the death penalty.”

It does make sense that this nation of capitalism is also composed of many states retaining the use of capital punishment, as both are forms of state-sanctioned execution and go together.

Of course, we hope Californians repeal capital punishment once and for all by voting for Prop 62.


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