Reverse Self-Righteousness

Reverse Self-Righteousness May 4, 2016

OneWheaton has come out strongly against Wheaton College for not denouncing alumnus Dennis Hastert after revelations of his sexual exploits and subsequent illegal cover up:

OneWheaton profoundly and unequivocally condemns Dennis Hastert’s serial abusive behavior. We commend the strength and courage it took for Hastert’s victims to speak out against Hastert, the longest standing Speaker of the House. We are appalled that representative members of the Wheaton College community would write in support of Hastert rather than standing in solidarity with his victims.

Further, we are stunned that Wheaton College has not issued a stronger statement of condemnation and grief over damage done by someone whose image has been so strongly connected to Wheaton College.

What’s an evangelical college to do? On the one hand, OneWheaton wants THE Wheaton to be inclusive and affirming of LBGTQ members:

We aim to illuminate other options for living healthy, whole and honest lives, full of love and integrity. For LGBTQ students who are struggling with these issues and seek to hear other voices and beliefs before settling on their own, we provide links on our website to different resources that members of our group have found helpful in their process, some from a Christian theological worldview, others not. We offer our own experiences and are willing to speak to students who may feel confused or lost. If a student wishes to speak to a LGBTQ Christian, we have members to whom they can speak. If a student seeks to speak to a member who adheres to another line of thought, they are available to talk to and to listen to the student. In the end, we recognize the difficulty these issues present for thoughtful people of differing viewpoints. We are not here to debate theology. We are here to provide support.

On the other hand, can Mr. Hastert or those who empathize with him get some help for feeling lost or confused? Not really. It’s all some judgment all much of the time for those who take a view different from the LBGTQ folks:

OneWheaton has made a commitment to be a voice of freedom and hope for Wheaton College students and alumni who were taught that, as Christians, their gender or sexual identity was subject to the requirements of rigid dogma, archaic gender roles, and an antiquated understanding of human sexuality. This heteronormative sexual ethic and culture have consistently set the stage to protect the sexual desires and behavior of men in power and to silence the most vulnerable, the abused.

The condemnation of Hastert sure sounds fairly rigid and dogmatic for folks who have built at least some of their identity and movement trangressing norms. Now we are supposed to believe that even rigid dogma and archaic gender roles should apply to some kinds of transgressive sexual activity?

I’ve lost my breath.


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