Less of Me: Gimpy Has a New Shoe

Less of Me: Gimpy Has a New Shoe December 30, 2012
Gimpy the Foot.
Gimpy the Foot. Copyright: Rebecca Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.

I don’t know for sure, but I think I’ve gained weight since I smashed my foot. It’s not that I’ve eaten such a lot. It’s more that I’ve been so confined. The most athletic thing I’ve done this past month is the gyrations I go through hoisting myself into and out of my wheelchair.

At least, that was true until Gimpy got her new boot. Now, I can actually walk-clomp around the house and even out to the car with a walker. Gimpy’s new boot is a marvel of technology. It has valves that let me puff air in and let air back out to inflate the balloons that line its insides. This way, I can cradle the Gimpster in pillows of air, while holding her firm and stable with the tough outer walls of the boot.

This new shoe isn’t exactly svelte. And I don’t have a matching boot for my other foot. I must be quite a sight with my walker, the boot on one foot and a walking shoe on the other foot. Add to that the glamour of untended hair and stretchy, loungey type clothes, and I’ve got the finest Halloween costume I ever owned.

The trouble is, it’s not a costume, and Halloween is long past.

However, all this big news pales beside the my horrible suspicion that when I finally can put both feet down and weigh myself again I am going to cause the scale to crack into pieces. I mean, I wasn’t exactly Peter Pan before I started my month of sitting and spitting.

I followed the advice you gave me about food. My girlfriends are great shoppers. They brought back lo-cal frozen dinners, little microwave deals of rice, cans of soup, bags of salad stuff, veggies. It has been great. I’ve enjoyed my food ever since. You guys gave me great advice.

However, all my big plans about exercising while confined have gone to rust. I’ve just now … just NOW … gotten where I can get out of the house, and that’s on a really short string. But I am hopeful that next week will be the turning point on that.

Gimpy is healing fast. Every single day is better than the one before. I have a date to get the hardware removed December 5. Even though I’m kind of dreading that, I’m also soooo looking forward to it. A metal free foot sounds like a little slice of heaven to me.

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2 responses to “Less of Me: Gimpy Has a New Shoe”

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Rebecca. First get Gimpy back in full swing then plan your walk route…first stroll, then walk. ^^

    I lost 50 pounds walking 3 miles a day while using common sense when eating…I hope to get back to walking soon myself, since 20 of them pounds have creeped back. ;p

    Is it January 5th your date and not December 5th? Just wonderin…^^

  2. Thanks Gordis. It was an old post from two years ago that somehow got moved up. However, I’ve been planning on reviving the Less of Me posts. Gimpy is healed, but I’m still a blimp. 🙂