Obama’s Story

Obama’s Story June 8, 2013

What does President Obama have to say about sweeping millions of Americans’ emails and phone calls into a government database?

Here it is.

I’m also including a video of a news report about it.

Please try to think all this through, put aside partisan ideas and focus on our country. I know this is tough, but it’s what we all need to do.

What do you think about all this?

http://youtu.be/V8lhUeq0k3Y http://youtu.be/m83zB9czZ3c

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8 responses to “Obama’s Story”

  1. This is story is kind of the “Dark Side of the Moon” isn’t it? This is where liberal democrats meet conservative republicans with both kind of libertarians mixed in. I thought the Patriot Act ill-advised mostly because there is no good way to control it.

    The problem is trust, there’s little harm if the government is trustworthy but, risk of great harm if it is not, and assuming that it is over years and administrations is also risky.

    I think the risk of overreaching government outweighs the terrorist threat, which can be combated in other ways, unless we are determined to commit suicide by political correctness, which I wouldn’t bet against.

    It seems like like our institutions, which have always been trustworthy (mostly) like CIA, FBI, IRS, NSA have become politicized, and that should scare every American, no matter where you are on the spectrum.

  2. I find nothing wrong with it if we are still in the war on terror. I’m Italian-American. How do you think the government smashed the mafia? By survailance of Italian-Americans.

  3. I totally agree. I am Italian American as well. This may be a first. All I need now is for Fabio to agree with me and then I will know that something is wrong.

  4. Manny, I think there is a subtle difference between court-ordered surveillance of known mafia members and their associates and surveilling the entire American population on a blind fishing expedition.

  5. I believe the phone surveilance has passed the supreme court. As far as i can tell, all they are doing is recording phone numbers that people call. If someone is caught as a terrorist, then they can check his phone calls to see who he called and possibly coordinated with. They are not listening in on conversations without a court order. That is my understanding. If I’m wrong please correct me.

  6. I think that government is doing this (both Dem and GOP) because they are self-serving narcissists who want to protect their political hide and they know they’ll get voted out en-masse if there is a major terrorist attack on their watch and more surveillance could have prevented it…

    We are setting ourselves up for something worse than terrorism, though – tyranny. Check out this article from “The Atlantic”:


    It’s not a good idea (nor is it Constitutional) to give any government this much power. As we’ve seen with the IRS, there is too much temptation to punish one’s political enemies.

    This whole situation always eerily reminds me of I Thessalonians 5:3 – “For when they shall say, ‘peace and security’; then shall sudden destruction come upon them, as the pains upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape.” Obama even mentioned in his remarks that “we can’t expect 100% security if we are not willing to give up some privacy.” That is true. However, it is not true that we can buy 100% security even with a surveillance state.

  7. Well, nothing is wrong, because I disagree with every single statement of manny’s. The US government did not defeat the mafia. Organized crime was not entirely Italian (do Dan O’Bannion and Bugsy Siegel sound Italian to you?) and the majority of Italians were not mafiosi. And if any American authority allowed the mass surveillance of Italo-American for this purpose, they would have proved incompetent – since they failed to isolate obvious dangers; from Capone to the Gottis, mafiosi hardly hid in the crowd – ignorant (I repeat, organized crime was not an all-Italian game) and racist (which would surprise nobody).