American Youth Explain Why They’re Going to WYD

American Youth Explain Why They’re Going to WYD July 21, 2013

This video reveals a lot, both about the weaknesses in America’s Catholic culture, and the hunger those weaknesses create in our young people.

I remember the first church I went to after my conversion experience. It was a fine church, part of a mainline denomination. But I wanted more Jesus than it gave me.

No one should ever feel that way in a Catholic Church, but evidently some of these young people do. I pray they will find what they are yearning for at WYD. Maybe they can bring it back home to share with those of their elders who are in need of conversion.

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2 responses to “American Youth Explain Why They’re Going to WYD”

  1. I wish I could go to something like that. Having so many religious Catholics about must be a moving experience. But in all fairness, is the Catholic Church in America any different than anywhere else in the rich western world? My perception is that Europe is going atheist, South America is going protestant, and only the third world Catholic countries are devout Catholics across the majoirty of the population. If anything the US might be one of the better of the non-third world countries.

  2. South America is going Protestant because the Pentecostals are not ashamed of Jesus Christ. Social justice without evangelization gets boring. When a church resembles the culture. People do not see the point in going.

    For far too long the liberals have blamed the conservatives and vice versa, time to stop bickering and re-focus on the cross.