Big Oops and a Request for Help

Big Oops and a Request for Help July 18, 2013

I accidentally deleted the post Follow Jesus, Not the R and the D. Does anyone out there have a copy I can use to put it back up?

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6 responses to “Big Oops and a Request for Help”

  1. Here’s the text in case the cache thing doesn’t work

    Can a Christian be a Democrat?

    That’s a loaded question in today’s America. We have one political party directly targeting Christians to the point of having paid organizers who “work” the churches for them. Meanwhile the other political party has become the outpost for every Christian-bashing group going.

    It would seem, based on that analysis, that the party providing the political home to the Christian bashers would be the one to avoid. That was the basic response of many of the commenters on my earlier post on this question.

    The arguments went back and forth, up and down, all along the political spectrum, but the upshot was that the Democratic party is hostile territory for traditional Christians, while the Republican Party is more welcoming to them.

    One commenter raised the question of what is a Christian. After all, there are some denominations who use the moniker Christian on their church bulletins and fit right in with the Democrats. Are they less Christian than the others?

    In my opinion, all this begs the central question. Let me reframe it to be more specific. Can a traditional Christian who accepts, believes and tries to follow the 2,000 year old Christian teachings about human conduct and morality be a Democrat?

    The converse question also bears a look: Can that same Christian be a Republican?

    I think the answer to both these questions is yes … and no.

    You can certainly register as either a Democrat or a Republican. But you may not, on peril of your soul, budge one inch on the 2,000-year consistent teachings of traditional Christianity.


    Can’t do it or support it.

    Gay marriage?


    Stealing from the poor to give to the rich?


    Unjust discrimination against other people?

    Not allowed.

    Following Ayn Rand?

    Are you kidding?

    The truth is that Christians can and should go just about everywhere in our society. We need to engage the culture at every level. But we cannot compromise the Gospels of Jesus Christ while we are doing it.

    If you follow that simple rule, believe me, you’re going to catch flak from whichever political party you join. Both parties torture the Gospels to make the Gospels fit themselves. Both parties have their toady churches who enable them to do this by providing theological cover.

    I’ve heard preachers quote take Bible verses out of context to justify everything from gay marriage to doing away with safety standards on food. The right wing does it for the corporations. The left wing does it for the gays and the abortion industry.

    This has reached the absurd point that people — intelligent people — will argue about which party is closer to Jesus.

    Repeat after me: Political parties are not churches. They are about getting power and keeping power. Everything else they say is a lie.

    The Republicans formed their pro life position as a strategy, not as a morality. They realized that it was an issue that could be used as a wedge to divide the Democratic party from their core constituencies of labor and working class people. This has been largely successful for the Republican Party.

    It has not benefitted the sanctity of life or Christianity in this country. In fact, it has marginalized the whole concept of the sanctity of human life and turned it into a power issue in power politics. This over-zealous support by many religious leaders of the Republican Party and all its positions, including some that are quite evil, has tarnished the moral and prophetic voice of Christianity and weakened the leadership of Christian clergy.

    People are sick of the Jesus-is-a-Republican heresy. Unfortunately, they tend to over-simplify and blame all Christianity for the sins of some of its more politically motivated leaders.

    On the other side of the spectrum, good Christians are sick of hearing from the anything goes religious leaders who have searched the scriptures and come up with a namby-pamby version of Jesus that basically oks anything anyone wants to do except be against government hand outs.

    Let me be clear about this. You can not say that killing unborn children is ok and speak for Christ at the same time. Conversely, you can not slight the needs of women or ignore the disgusting exploitation of and violence against women that is drowning our culture and be speaking for Jesus.

    You can not put your political party ahead of your fealty to Christ and be a faithful Christian. You can not do it. It makes no difference if you are a Republican or a Democrat, if you do not look at your party and see that it is doing things that are anathema to Christian teaching and following Christ, you need to get on your knees and pray for forgiveness and guidance. You have put the wrong god to the forefront of your life.

    Can a Christian be a Democrat?


    Can a Christian be a Republican?


    Can a Christian follow their political party instead of Jesus?


    We are called to convert the world, not let the world convert us. That includes our political parties.

  2. Oh, so that’s what happened.

    Fabio- my remark about good Catholics being monarchists was in relation to the Kingship of Jesus Christ and the rule of His Vicar the Pope. I’m well aware that actual individual monarchists, like many of us, did great harm to the Church at times, and that those events were a big part of why religious liberty is so important in America.

    OTOH, a look at the Index of the original Butler’s Lives of the Saints reveals 6 Kings, 4 Queens, 2 Emperesses and an Emperor. So they can’t have all been as consistently bad as people make out. And I’m not sure so-called “free societies” have actually done that much better.

    • Do you have the least idea how many people bore the title of reigning monarch in a Christian state in the period covered by Butler? That only thirteen of them, in spite of their extremely public lives and of the fact that they all could be relied upon to have supporters to popularize their virtues, lived saintly lives, testifies against the class, not in its favour.

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