Creativity Done Right

Creativity Done Right July 14, 2013

Our creativity comes from our Creator, Who is the source of all creation.

God is love, and He is the source, not only of creation, but of all true creativity. Like every gift we have, our creativity can be used in the service of the darkness, but when it is, it always becomes destructive and a source of sorrow, rather than edifying and a source of joy.

Consider pornography, which destroys the humanity of human beings, both those who are the targets of the hatred that motivates porn, and those who make the stuff, and finally, those who view it.

Creativity gone bad is like Shakespeare’s lilies that, when they fester, stink far worse than weeds.

But creativity done right is a gift from God to the person who uses it and onward to us who enjoy its fruits.

This lovely video demonstrates creativity, done right.

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5 responses to “Creativity Done Right”

  1. Speaking as an artist of sorts, I have a serious issue with the word “creativity”. I would much rather speak of “invention”, which is what the classics used. “Creativity” was invented in the nineteenth century, when artists suffered from delirium of greatness and thought they could replace priests and philosophers and be “the unacknowledged legislators of the world”. Nonsense, of course, but we aren’t quite rid of its last consequences yet.

    • I’m rather sad nobody seems to have reacted. This whole thread would be a lot more worth while than the umpteenth defence of illegality or baby-murder.

    • Hmm, that is an interesting thought- I’m in that funny world in between. I’m a software engineer- which means the entire product of my work is NOT physical and is just bits on a hard drive on a server someplace. I work entirely in the world of ideas.

      And all I can think is that this world needs better beta testers and debuggers.

      • Yes. There is a case for saying that you are making something that was not there before, and the philosopher Karl Popper describes the whole world of thought and culture as “world three”, something that has its own existence and cohesion. So perhaps there is something to be said for the use of the word creativity, but I remain instinctively suspicious of it.

    • I’m more a fan of the word “art,” in the broad sense of “something made” or “the quality of making something.” I presume you’re familiar with Maritain’s works on art, “Art and Scholasticism” and “Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry”?

      I also like Tolkien’s notion of “subcreation,” in that the human faculty of making is a participation in God’s true creation.

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