Gosnell Was Not Alone

Gosnell Was Not Alone July 18, 2013

Roe v Wade set the limit for viability at 26 weeks into pregnancy.

That was based on 1973 medicine and judicial imaginings. Today, babies are being saved as early as 21 or 22 weeks into pregnancy. But we still live under the law created by the Supreme Court which set viability at 26 weeks.

After 26 weeks, doctors can still do abortions if they decide the mother’s life or health is at stake. In actual practice, that means that abortionists kill babies right up to the day of birth.

Dr Kermit Gosnell ran an abortion clinic that prosecutors described as “a chamber of horrors.” Dr Gosnell is now in prison. But he was not sent to prison for running a chamber of horrors. He is in prison because a few of the babies he killed lived through the abortion and he killed them afterwards.

The takeaway of the Gosnell verdict for the abortion industry is not to stop killing late-term babies. Based on all the pushback in Texas, it’s also not to provide standard medical care during abortions. Rather, it is to make absolutely, no-doubt-about-it-sure that the baby is dead before it is delivered.

Killing a baby while it’s inside its mother’s body is not a crime. Killing the same baby when it’s separate from its mother is murder.

In today’s tragic world, the right to life is defined by geography.

This Live Action video is of a doctor and counselor discussing an abortion on a woman who is 27 weeks pregnant.

Think about it: Twenty-seven weeks. That is a viable child, even by 1973 standards.

To top if off, they are telling the young women that she will go through labor alone in a hotel room. They even give her instructions about what to do if she delivers the baby while she’s on a toliet.

They blithely assure her that going through labor and delivering alone in a hotel room is safer than giving birth in a hospital under ideal medical conditions.

How does this benefit the woman? In what way is it medically necessary? If there was a medical reason to stop the pregnancy at 27 weeks to save the mother’s life, it would be far safer and better for her to deliver her baby in a hospital with pain-killing medication and to also provide medical care to save the life of her baby.

Should abortion clinics be exempt from the health care requirements of other surgical centers? That is the argument pro abortion people make, and they make it in the name of “women’s health.”

That is not feminism. It is not in the interest of women’s health. This child could and almost certainly would live if it was delivered properly, so it certainly is not in the interest of the baby.

Who and what do late-term abortions serve except the demons of death?

If you would like to contribute to Life Action and the work they do, go here.

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8 responses to “Gosnell Was Not Alone”

  1. So disgusting to defend these practices in the name of “women’s health”.

    I wonder if urologists that perform vasectomies are exempt from the requirements of other surgical centers?

  2. Given the incredible quantities of abortions that take place (something like over 3000 per day in this country alone – can you imagine the slaughter when you add up those in the whole world?) I would say the most dangerous place for a child to be is in the womb. I’m kicking myself for not supporting Rick Perry in the Republican primary last year. His reduction of abortion down to 20 weeks is a major accomplishment. God bless him and those that voted (were they all Republicans?) for it. On the other hand here in New York State, Gov Cuomo tried to expand the most abortion friendly laws that already exist here. The law lost by only one vote. Only one.

  3. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been told by people who are doctors that going into a pregnant uterus is a whole different thing that doing a vasectomy. Be that as it may, if people want to require that vasectomies must be done in surgical clinics as a means of achieving some sort of half-baked notion of equality, then go for it. I don’t want men killed, either. I just haven’t heard about them dying from botched vasectomies, but maybe they are.

  4. I would guess that a child at 27 weeks gestation would be delivered c-section if it were done in a hospital for the life of health of the mother. Inducing labor, especially that early, when the cervix is nowhere near ripe, would be much harder and more painful on mom and baby.

  5. If a child has been carried to 27 weeks, it needs to be allowed to go the rest of the way—-at that point, what is another 12 weeks?

  6. I agree. I was specifically thinking of certain medical reasons that might cause a baby to need delivery that early, such as early term pre-eclampsia. When there is a medical reason for such an early delivery, I believe baby is delivered by c-sec because the labor process is very difficult for such a young baby and can lead to further complications for mom and baby. I don’t think having a mom at that point of gestation in labor is purposefully done except for late term abortions.