Christian Persecution: The Worst Place on Earth

Christian Persecution: The Worst Place on Earth August 17, 2013


I can’t write about Christian persecution this week.

I’ve gone through  a long list of horrific stories from all over the globe. But I can not force myself to write about them. The weight of it is too much for me. I plan to devote prayer time to them, instead.

This is one of those times when the horror of it all is just too much for me. Christians are suffering violent persecution in so much of the world. At the same time, they are being subjected to increasing pressures to deny their faith and go along with the world here in the Christian West.

Much of the Muslim war on Christians is centered on Christian women and girls. Young Christian girls are kidnapped, raped and forced to convert. This cowardly behavior says a lot about their attackers.

Christianity is attacked and Christians are subjected to persecution in every atheist government on the globe. According to the video below, North Korea is the worst place on Earth to be a Christian. Given the amount of competition for that title, that’s saying a lot.


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8 responses to “Christian Persecution: The Worst Place on Earth”

  1. I found this prayer on another site Ken.

    Lord, look upon Emily and Maya with eyes of mercy,
    may your healing hand rest upon them
    may your life giving powers flow into every cell of their bodies
    and into the depths of their souls,
    cleansing, purifying, restoring them to wholeness
    and strength for service in your Kingdom.

  2. I’m from Jessica’s Blog. I’m issuing a challenge to all Catholics to pray a novena of rosaries for the Egyptian Copts and all Christians who are in fear of their lives because of their Faith.

    Will you join me?

  3. Regarding the video caption—they also do that in China. When a woman will not comply with forced sterilization or abortion (and good Christians would not wish to do either because it would be against their faith), the govt often threatens to imprison the husband, family members, etc. They also make them suffer financially by threatening loss of job for both spouses. And if the woman runs away, they will often put neighbors in jail to encourage that their relatives help look for the pregnant woman to bring her to the “family planning” clinic to force abort. There is so much evil in the world.

  4. FWKen, I sincerely hope there is good news on baby Maya, and will send all positive thoughts to Emily and her little one.

  5. They were nice the first time when their equally murderous masters in Soviet Russia thought them up. I think, however, that the NK leadership is scared. They must be aware that their kinsmen in the south have become one of the world’s leading economies; that armed might or not (and SK has enough resources to arm to the teeth in a few weeks if she ever has to), they are in the position of the beggar at the rich man’s gate; that their gamble on marxist “progress” has been an utter and total failure; and that, as it happens, Christianity is becoming the majority faith of free South Korea. Their homicidal reaction is the reaction of a baffled gang of murderous gamblers who are down to their last shirt.