Edward Snowden, Michael Hastings’ Too-Convenient Death and British Tyranny — What is Happening Here?

Edward Snowden, Michael Hastings’ Too-Convenient Death and British Tyranny — What is Happening Here? August 23, 2013


It began with a young man who decided that the American people had the right to know that their government had them under surveillance.

Not, mind you, that the government had possible criminals under court-ordered surveillance by virtue of having produced evidence of probable cause. Our government has been sweeping all of our emails and cell phone convos into a big database and sifting through it looking for crimes, potential crimes, or anything it deems “suspicious.”

In the brave new world of Fourth-Amendment?-What-Fourth-Amendment?-Patriot-Act-land, we’re all potential criminals and we’re all under government surveillance.

The amount of data that our government has swept into its intelligence gathering maw has become so vast (remember these are electronic 1 and 0s, not piles of space-consuming paper) that the NSA is building a gi-normous file cabinet in the Utah desert to warehouse it all.

The minute that this young man stepped up and made this information available to the general public, the government smear machine and its trusty operatives in the press (perhaps I should say, it’s trusty operative, the press) swung into action, claiming and proclaiming that this young man, Edward Snowden is his name, was the worst American traitor since Benedict Arnold.

There were, of course, outliers in the press who didn’t buy it. MichaelHastings was one of this hardy band of actual journalists who didn’t write his stories straight from White House press releases.

Shortly after giving this interview:


Michael Hastings died in a car crash,

The public was interested in Mr Hastings’ too convenient death until the same press that pushes the government line on us distracted the public with a trial about a shooting in Florida. This trial so transfixed the public that it completely forgot that Uncle Sam was watching its every move.

Unfortunately for the government, Mr Snowden decided to run rather than take his chances in a kangaroo court.

The president of the United States brought out all his big bully artillery and fired it off at every nation that might give Mr Snowden sanctuary. He huffed and he puffed and one by one the various nations put up the No Vacancy sign in front of Mr Snowden.

Russia finally took the wandering whistle-blower in, and President Obama promptly cancelled a scheduled G4 Summit talk with President Putin. I don’t know if President Putin cried himself to sleep that night or not. But I do know that the world is balanced on a razor’s edge. It might be nice if these two guys talked things over, even if President Putin is sheltering that dreadnought Snowden.

But then, that would presume that somebody involved in the government end of this mess actually cared about this country. It seems safe to say that they only care about covering their own backsides.

Meanwhile, our ally, the United Kingdom, decided to get into the act. Rather than huff and puff, they picked up their guns and clubs and went a-huntin’ and a-smashin’ in the offices of the British publication, The Guardian.

The Guardian had actually had the temerity to behave like a — I know this is hard to believe — member of the free press, and report Mr Snowden’s revelations about the work our governments were doing to put all of us on both sides of the Atlantic in the surveillance crosshairs.

The Brits, who are not troubled by niceties like First and Fourth Amendments, evidently took advantage of their government’s relative freedom to oppress its citizens and barged into The Guardian’s offices like Elliott Ness raiding a gin mill. They smashed computers and generally, as we say in these parts, tore up jack.

Of course, these tyrannical nitwits forgot (as tyrannical nitwits often do) the very essence of what they were dealing with. Evidently, nobody told them about backups.

I doubt that The Guardian lost a lot of data in this raid. But the British people lost a tremendous amount of freedom.

The question on this side of the Atlantic, not to even try to put it nicely, is did members of our government use the computer in Michael Hastings car to murder him because he was a danger to their careers?

It’s not even a question on the other side of the Atlantic. The answer is yes, the UK is in the bag for Obama and his spying on the populace of this country and probably theirs, as well. They don’t need a whistle blower to come forward and release evidence that their government has become a danger to the freedom of its citizens.

They went over to The Guardian’s offices and demonstrated that fact for all the world to see.

What is happening here?

Are we going to sit around and watch trashy televised trials and allow ourselves to be flim-flammed out of all our freedoms? Does anybody see how outrageous it is that the government has the entire American populace under surveillance?

I’ve run posts showing just how dishonest President Obama has been with the American people. Why, exactly, are they believing him now?

He’s got the whole world in his files.

That means you.

What happened in Britain isn’t a fluke. It’s a harbinger.

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8 responses to “Edward Snowden, Michael Hastings’ Too-Convenient Death and British Tyranny — What is Happening Here?”

  1. The coroner’s report said that drugs almost certainly had nothing to do with Hastings’ death or crash — and yet nearly every news outlet spun the story to imply the opposite.

    Along with anonymous rumors about Hastings thinking he was so “invincible” that he could fly from balconies.

    Hastings had metabolites from Rx marijuana and Rx Adderall (which leaves the “meth” residue as many over-the-counter substances do), both of which were legal. And they had been taken many hours prior to the crash.

    And his suspicions of being monitored by the feds or that his car had been tampered with are being used as “proof” that he was paranoid, despite the fact that both things appear to have been completely true. (With little mention that Richard Clarke, security guru for 4 presidents and no tin-foil hat nutjob, suspected car-hacking within days of Hastings’ death).

    So now the image presented by the mainstream media is “meth addicted mental case” just in time to discredit his final piece due out any day now on CIA Director John Brennan.

    Sometimes paranoia is just rational thought.

  2. Bingo. I read this whole mess exactly the same way. You give Snowden a bit more status than i do, I leave him in the limbo of hero/traitor, depending on what he does now.

    But we are in deep doo-doo now and the rest of the world are spectators. Freedom will live, or die, in America.

    It is time for the full armor of God.

    It is not ours to attack but to watch and wait and defend.

  3. I have to admit that I have presumed innocence by our government in all this NSA issues. I’ve begun to have doubts. I’m still not a 100% sure. I credit most human beings in acting in good faith, and yes, that’s even for Democratic presidents i don’t care for. We’ll have to see.

  4. As is so often the case, a final and unasked piece of abjection comes from Italy, probably a symptom of the corruption of the whole Western so-called left of which Obama is only a symptom. The current Italian foreign minister is Emma Bonino, one of the historical leaders of the tiny but loud Radical Party, a campaigning entity dedicated to a punctilious defence of law and constitution from a radical liberal perspective. Even those of us who radically disagreed with their positions and campaigns always felt we could take their principles seriously; and in the old days, Snowden would have been a classic Radical Party campaign icon. So it twisted my stomach to see Emma Bonino, of all people, standing up in Parliament and declaring that any request for asylum from Snowden would be rejected because it would be “politically undesirable”. It’s not as demeaning as France’s ghastly detention of an official Bolivian aircraft bearing the Bolivian head of state (and never mind that President Morales is a buffoon, he is still the freely elected head of the Bolivian people and should be treated as international protocols dctate) on the suspicion that it might be carrying Snowden; but then, nobody expects anything except baseness from France’s President Hollande, and nobody expected it from Emma Bonino, who made her career out of defending freedoms real and supposed and treating both superpowers (when she started, the Soviet Union was very much alive) with the contempt due to fat bullies.

    Although this story goes far beyond the corruption and betrayal of one person, I suspect that at the heart of this betrayal there may lie, as it does in so many supposedly unrelated crimes of the supposed left, the unhealed and festering wound of abortion. Bonino became a Radical leader in the first place because of her aggressive support of abortion when it was illegal, and was instrumental in the infamous referendum that depenalized it in 1980. However, abortion has been going back in Italy lately, thanks largely to ever-growing conscientious objection from doctors; as someone said in another country, you don’t become a medical student for the pleasure of ripping human bodies apart. And Bonino has been heard to make a statement that would probably have horrified her younger, libertarian self, as it certainly would have horrified her colleagues: that conscientious objection is a “cancer” that must be rooted out.

    So her betrayal of her former principles – the principles that made her political career, including her choice of party – begin with abortion. And abortion supporters are very aware that they are part of an international movement/network with strong roots among the Western elites and its leading forces in Washington DC. She is not going to do anything to damage her abortionist ally President Obama, because abortion trumps everything in her eyes – including the principles of freedom, respect for the conscience of others, and our proud tradition of sheltering refugees and political persecution victims in the name of freedom. Shelter for the persecuted in the name of freedom is written in the fundamental principles of our Constitution. (Article 10, pars. 3-4: “Foreign citizens prevented at home from the free use of the democratic freedoms guaranteed by the Italian Constitution have a right of asylum in the territory of the Italian Republic under conditions set out by specific laws. It is forbidden to extradite any foreigner for political crimes.” The Constitution was written by people who had Fascism – and the weak state of human rights in the pre-Fascist state – very clear in mind, and who had been exiles.) Following the example of Obama, Bonino too has shredded the written principles of our Constitution, for which her younger self would have had herself cut to pieces. What a horror, and what a disgrace.

  5. Just heard of this in an article by Peggy Noonan. Sure looks fishy in an old Boris and Natasha sort of way. Is our Government going around the bend? Evidence is mounting.

  6. “The question on this side of the Atlantic, not to even try to put it nicely, is did members of our government use the computer in Michael Hastings car to murder him because he was a danger to their careers?”

    I really don’t see how that could be done. It is much more likely that Hastings was under the influence of the marijuana that was prescribed to him to treat PTSD. he may have been paranoid and raced to get away and lost control of the vehicle. I am not so biased against the Obama administration to think that it would and could pull this off and cover it up.

  7. Go Brave Girl! Sure seems like the real threat to democacy is the CIA and NSA. Was just reading how Pope John and Norman Cousins were successfully brokering peace with Kennedy and Kruschev right before JFK’s untimely death. A month later, Harry Truman blasted the CIA which he signed on in ’47 for dangerously overstepping its bounds as a foreign information gatherer only(ref JFK and the Unpseakable Evil/Douglas).
    I am reminded of journalist Danny Casolaro. On his way to meet a source for a break in his Iran Contra/BCCI story he instead “committed suicide”. Not many folks would remove their fingernails first. Today at mass I prayed for investigative journalists, massive conversions in our government and consecration for the U.S. if that’s not been done yet. Peace.