little g gods, the Real God, and Finding Your Way Home

little g gods, the Real God, and Finding Your Way Home August 5, 2013

I want to congratulate Deacon Greg Kandra.

He has managed to make the devil mad at him.

How do I know this?

Some of the devil’s hate mail to the Deacon has been landing in my box here on Public Catholic. Not much, mind you, but it is mindlessly nasty stuff.

How did a kind and intelligent man like Deacon Greg Kandra inflame the devil so much?

He stood in front of a camera and said that the Catholic Church loves gay people, but that sex belongs in Holy Matrimony, between a man and a woman. He included both gay and straight people in this injunction concerning sex outside of marriage.

The reason for the hate mail is that, by stating this 2,000-year-old consistent teaching of the Church, and indeed, up until the last few years, all Christian churches, he crossed swords with one of the false gods of this world.

For many people and indeed a growing number of churches, god the (little g) god, resides halfway between their waist and their knees. His worship is random sex, his vestments are contraceptives and his sacraments are azt, penicillin, abortion, et al.

Sadly, many of the “Christian” churches are in the process of walking away from the real God to follow after this little g god of our age. They’re drop-kicking the commandments off the front steps of their churches and replacing them with “statements” they write themselves full of meaningless gibberish about “inclusiveness and tolerance,” which basically mean that their little g god follows the world in pelvic region worship and eschews the Christ of the Cross.

Down the road we have other churches which give a lot of lip service to the commandments involving the pelvic regions of the human body, but twist the Scriptures in much the same way their heretical brethren do on other matters. Their little g god is the almighty $ sign.

I’ll talk more about that later. The point for now is simply that little g gods are being worshipped in lieu of the real God in many of our churches.

Whatever your sin, you can go find a little g god worshipping church to tell you that (a) it’s not a sin, and (b) the people who claim it’s a sin are in fact sinning when they say it.

However, that’s not enough. The devil who is the real little g god behind all these false idols, is a ravening hunger that craves annihilation. He can not rest so long as there is one matchstick of light and truth out there, anywhere. He doesn’t attack the little g worshipping churches. It doesn’t matter to him if he’s snared them with their lust for sex or their lust for money. Their light is cold and dead and they are his.

What he attacks — and as the world grows darker, his attacks become more focused — is any beam of the light of the real God, anywhere.

I don’t think it’s an accident that the Church which is under the most aggressive attacks today is the Catholic Church. The devil appears to hate the Catholic Church above all others. Why should this be so?

After all, the Church is full to the top with sinners. We’ve got all-too-human priests trying to shepherd a laity that aborts, divorces, lies, steals and watches porn. All of humanity is represented somewhere in the Catholic Church, including every single human sin.

So, why would a Church like that make the devil mad?

Because, this Church, for all its failings, does not put a little g god on its altars. Its sacraments are conduits of grace and the real presence of the living Christ. This Church will not tell people that their sins are ok. It does not comfort them and sustain them and support them in their sinfulness as it leads them down the wide path to their own eternal damnation. This Church, for all its many faults, is not in league with the devil.

Unlike the rapidly multiplying fallen churches out there, the Catholic Church does not encourage people to sin. It tells them their sins can be forgiven, but they must repent of those sins from the heart and try to change their ways. The Catholic Church doesn’t teach sin, it forgives sin.

And for that, it is hated. For that, it is attacked. For simply saying that the Church is following Christ with its teachings, even little people like me can get smacked with a few brickbats.

Sometimes, I get the by-blows of attacks that are really aimed at someone I admire. In this case, that someone is Deacon Kandra who had the honesty to tell people that the Church loves them and stands ready to support them in their life in Christ, no matter their sexual orientation, but that their sins are, in fact, sins, which need the forgiveness of God.

These poor, sad souls who come swooping in over the internet to drop their load of anger need prayer. They are lost and their fallen churches with their little g gods are even more lost. I am talking about pastors, and even whole denominations who claim to be shepherds of souls, but who deliberately lie to people about the state of their souls in order to be popular in the here and now.

This is sad beyond sad.

We need to do two things.

We need to examine our own hearts and cast out everything that comes between us and Christ. We need to pray for forgiveness and the grace to follow Him faithfully through the minefield of this world.

Then, we need to pray for our fallen brothers and sister who are being misled by little g god worshipping pastors and churches. We also need to pray for these churches and pastors. They are in grave peril.

We need to do this because rewriting a church’s mission statement doesn’t change anything but the church’s mission statement. The reality of sin and death, salvation through the cross and eternal hell still exist. Coming onto this blog or staging demonstrations that involve yelling and insulting and throwing tantrums to demand that God change the way things are doesn’t accomplish anything, either.

These things may feel like they are accomplishing something. They can bully other people. Enough of this kind of thing can get laws changed. It can even push whole denominations into denying themselves and re-writing who they are. But no amount of wind-milling temper tantrums can change the ultimate order of things.

God is God and we are not.

Little g gods are just reflections of our worst, most venal selves in action. Following them leads us wandering in circles in the wilderness of life.

However, we don’t have to be lost. If fact, we are only lost if we chose to be. There is an easy-to-follow, readily-accessible, true compass that will lead you home. That true compass is the 2,000 year old consistent teachings of the Catholic Church.

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23 responses to “little g gods, the Real God, and Finding Your Way Home”

  1. I would be very surprised if Deacon Greg DIDN’T support the Church! He is a person of honor and faith, as is the woman who writes this blog.

  2. Lately I have grown in the Divine Mercy devotion, as I feel pressure from everywhere – my grown sons and daugher, my extended family and friends- to welcome those “g gods.” The daily prayer of the Divine Chaplet as well as daily mass attendance and communion in reparation of all this mess, really comfort me regardless of the turmoil we are living.
    No matter what, “Jesus, I trust in you.”

  3. This is magnificent in it’s frankness. I admire you for telling it like it is and I’m eager to share this because it’s the TRUTH. Keep fighting the good fight and I’m off to tell Deacon Kendra the same and offer my support.

  4. You think you are right. But you couldn’t be more wrong. There are no gods, big G or small. Gays have a right to enjoy sexual pleasures. There is no deity condemning them, just hypocritical human beings who claim to represent this imaginary deity. It is shameful.

  5. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more will hate those who speak it.” – George Orwell in “1984 “

  6. “That true compass is the 2,000 year old consistent teachings of the Catholic Church.”

    Respectfully, has the Catholic Church been consistent for 2,000 years regarding human sexuality?

    • Respectfully, yes. There has been a development and flowering of the teaching, but Deacon Greg’s position could have been spoken in 50 AD and no one would have bat an eyelid. The teachings are the same now as they were then.

  7. As a non-Catholic, and in fact non-Christian, why would I bother to get upset at Deacon Kandra for speaking his opinion or his church’s teaching? It has no bearing or binding on me, and I have no desire to lobby his Church to grant its approval on what I do or don’t do. It’s approval would be as meaningless as its censure. So long as we’re free to live our lives and have equal standing before our government, why should any of us get upset, let alone vicious, over theological disagreements?

    • You are right. This is an internal matter among Catholics and does not apply to anyone who does not look to the Church for guidance. As long as Catholics do not try to impose their opinions on those who are not interested in hearing them, it’s all good. I am actually interested in hearing them and this site does a good job of presenting them.

  8. As a single (divorced) woman, I am loved by God, the Church, and the people in it. However, that does not give me license to have sex outside of marriage. The truth is the truth, no matter who you are.

    • “However, that does not give me license to have sex outside of marriage.”

      Actually, divorce does sort of give you license to have sex since you are no longer married. It’s none of my business but you are not doing anyone any favors not meeting someone who could make you happy. Discouraging this is one of those almost criminal things that the Catholic Church does to its members. No one else would tolerate it.

  9. I have some questions for you about what you call little g god and the real God. How do you know, for sure, which is the true God? My daughter attends one of these little g churches, her pastor admits he has changed his views on a number on social issues, over time, and with much prayer, he feels like God has answered his prayers and instructed him to be more liberal in his interpretation of the bible, and to be accepting of things like gay marriage. Are you saying that he has been praying to a false God? How do you know that? And how do you know that the false God isn’t the one you have been praying to?

    I understand that as a Catholic, you have the pope to give the final word on what is truth for your religion, but I wonder if you can accept that other Christians are true Christians as well. Your talk of little g big G God makes it sound like any church that doesn’t share all your views is worshiping to a false God. So another question is, how do you know where to draw the line? Can you accept that some Christian church’s have some differences of opinion from you while still being true Christians? Or do you feel the only true Christians are those that follow the pope?

    • I’ll tell you what I told my kids when they were little. If you pray and you feel God is guiding you to do something that leads you to go against 2,000 years of consistent Christian teaching, then you probably need to pray some more.

      I was once ardently pro choice. I was convinced that this was the moral way to be because of the suffering of women. In truth, I was supporting murder. When it finally got through my thick skull that I had been helping kill people, that I was participating it cutting people up and tearing them apart in a manner far more savage than any ancient torture, I was devastated.

      God forgave me. But I had a hard time forgiving myself. I also had a hard time with the realization that I had been somebody else’s monster. I had always thought I as one of the good guys, and I had not been at all. That taught me a lot about humility concerning my relationship to the order of things and my ability to be the arbiter of right and wrong.

      It showed me quite clearly that I am not God and that I can not judge these things accurately by my own lights. I’ve come to realize that this is not unique to me. It is the human condition.

      Now. To your daughter’s pastor and his personal revelation from God that it’s ok to drop-kick 2000 years of Christian teaching concerning marriage and sexual morality: He needs to pray some more … with humility and genuine seeking,

      I’m sorry to be so blunt, but that’s the truth.

      No, I don’t feel that the only true Christians are those that follow the Pope. However I do feel that a number of churches have led their people far far astray in the name of theological trendiness. Same-sex marriage is just one example of how they are doing this,

      They are engaging in a wholesale re-writing of consistent Christian moral teaching in order to fit in better with people who are not Christian at all. Rather than converting the world, they are being converted by the world. And then they’re claiming that God agrees with them in this.

      • Is there no room for change over 2000 years? The bible appears to condone polygamy and slavery, yet we no longer find those acceptable. I just have a hard time understanding how one person can pray to God and get one answer and another can get the opposite answer. How do you know which is right? Her pastor would probably give you exactly the same advice, you need to pray some more, with humility and genuine seeking.

  10. So, basically, you’re calling your god the only true god and saying that the god other people believe in isn’t a real god. Nice argument there. I see that you avoided explicitly saying the same for other religious outside of Christian denominations, but just left it implied in your words.

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