Atheists Don’t Got No Songs.

Atheists Don’t Got No Songs. September 4, 2013


I don’t advise checking them out, but if you do, you will notice that the atheist blogs never talk about anything else, and I mean, they never talk about anything else except Jesus Christ. 

Christian bashing is their only interest and their only reason for existing. They are God-obsessed people. 

Given that, it’s sorta sad that, as this little ditty points out, they don’t got no songs. 


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23 responses to “Atheists Don’t Got No Songs.”

  1. Actually, there is one great musician – Shostakovich – who was certainly an atheist. The trouble is that he writes the most pessimistic music I ever heard.

  2. It’s true. There’s nothing to pump air in our tires, wind in our sails or a skip in our step. It can be depressing.

  3. Depends on the atheist blog.

    In the United States, Christianity is utterly dominant in politics, culture, and social life. In a country where 90% of religiously-affiliated people are Christians, it logically follows that 90% of atheist interaction with religion will involve Christianity.

    If you read about atheists in Turkey and Egypt, most of their criticisms are pointed at Islam, because they’re in a heavily-Islamic environment. Atheists in India deal with Hinduism and local superstitions like “black magic”. Atheists in Haiti debunk voodoo. And so on and so forth.

    For some non-theistic listening, I suggest John Lennon’s “Imagine”, Modest Mouse’s “Styrofoam Boots”, and REM’s “Undertow”.

  4. I don’t read atheist blogs, so I can’t generalize about what they write. But since Patheos has an Atheist Channel, I popped over there to see the a listing of recent posts.

    They are:
    The fallacy of martyrdom at Fort Hood Texas
    Am I a Monkey? (evolution is the topic)
    Atheist Religiphobia #1: Fear of Believing Anything At All About Gods
    GAMING: Huge comeback, hard carrying out of the jungle as Amumu (video game)
    “God Did It” Explains Everything … or Maybe Not
    Bottling Up Your Emotions, Children Edition (conservative Christian child-rearing)
    My favorite atheist-theist debates
    Some Unfinished Thoughts on Syria
    We, The Paranoid (popularity of conspiracy theories)

    I am unsure if that list, which Patheos featured on the homepage of the Atheist Channel, is representative of typical posts. However, only 2 or 3 of those topics are about atheist vs. religious views, 5 or 6 are about other topics which concern the the bloggers.

  5. Many great musicians—Shostakovich—being near the top of the list of greats. You have good taste in Classical, Fabio, (and I’m not surprised).

  6. That, of course, is asked to stand against Beethoven, Bach, Mahalia Jackson, the Doobie Brothers, and Bob Dylan (to mention only a few). If I were you, I would at least try to mobilize Shostakovich.

  7. There’s a couple that they’ve inherited from the Science Fiction “Filk” community; I suspect “There’s A Hole In The Middle Of It All” could count, and “Give Me That REAL Old Time Religion” is quite more general in its religious mockery than mere Christian bashing. Tim Minchin’s oeurve has quite a few pieces targeting Christians, but also some more positive pieces.

    Minor exceptions aside, however, it seems mostly a fair cop.

  8. Atheism can lead to pessimism. But that doesn’t make it wrong. Theism can lead to optimism. But that doesn’t make it right.

  9. Actually, i can’t stand the guy. I once walked right out of a concert of “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk”. My classical favourites include, in no particular order, Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Verdi, Mozart, Pergolesi and Palestrina.

  10. Are you joking? Of your list, I cannot find more than two that are NOT about attacking “religionj” one way or another. The one about gaming is the only one that really stands out; the one about Syria might perhaps have something to say other than religion-bashing – but the context does not allow us to hope; and the one about conspiracy theories is sure to go overboard on supposedly “religious” topics.

  11. No, actually it started with who has none at all. And I was the one who was kind enough to you people as to point out that you do have one certified great classical composer, signed, sealed and delivered. but then you also lose in literature, painting, architecture, philosophy, science and so on and so forth and so following. You do, however, have plenty of politicians.

  12. He has his good qualities and music—even though you don’t like him— 🙂 Your other choices are right on too, Fabio.

  13. Ken, I edited what you said a little bit (I think I had your permission.) but I may have harmed the clarity of it. Feel free to add something to sense of it for other commenters. I have no problems cross posting with any of the Catholic Patheosi.

  14. Why does music have to be “intellectual”? The appeal of a piece of music or the lack there of is personal. Personally, I like it, and obviously it doesn’t appeal to you. I’m sure many pieces of music that you like I might find unappealing. Good thing there are many, many composers both alive and dead from which to choose music. 🙂

  15. Ken, what you quoted from Fr. Longenecker sounds like a troll who is voicing some of the hairier claims made by the Christian Right. I don’t think it was posted out of sincerity, but out of a desire to stir the pot.

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