Breaking: US, Russia Reach Deal to Destroy Syria’s Chemical Weapons by 2014

Breaking: US, Russia Reach Deal to Destroy Syria’s Chemical Weapons by 2014 September 14, 2013

The people spoke, and for once the government listened.

It seems that the US and Russia have brokered a deal to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons by 2014.

Presumably, this is the way to avoid America going to war in Syria.

One question I have: Where is Syria in all this?

The United States and Russia brokered this “deal.” That’s interesting. But it’s even more interesting that the two 800 pound gorillas did all this “brokering” on their own.

I am glad beyond glad that we’ve side-stepped this particular war. However, I feel just as strongly now as I did before about the things I’ve written concerning our self-destructive spiral of over-emphasis on “defense” to the exclusion of building our economy here at home. We have got to take a look at ourselves. Or we will perish.

From Haaretz:

After days of intense negotiations, the United States and Russia reached agreement Saturday on a framework to secure and destroy Syria‘s chemical weapons by mid-2014 and impose UN penalties if the Assad government fails to comply.

The deal, announced by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva, includes what Kerry called “a shared assessment” of the weapons stockpile, and a timetable and measures for Syrian President Bashar Assad to follow so that the full inventory can be identified and seized.

The U.S. and Russia agreed to immediately press for a UN Security Council resolution that enshrines the chemical weapons agreement under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which can authorize both the use of force and nonmilitary measures.

President Barack Obama made clear that “if diplomacy fails, the United States remains prepared to act.”

Russia, which already has rejected three resolutions on Syria, would be sure to veto a UN move toward military action, and U.S.¬ officials said they did not contemplate seeking such an authorization.

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2 responses to “Breaking: US, Russia Reach Deal to Destroy Syria’s Chemical Weapons by 2014”

  1. Syria is almost irrelevant at this point. Our president has been humiliated by a semi totalitarian dictator and has no credibility on the world stage for the remainder of his presidency. If Americans think that’s a good thing (and remember, I am no lover of Obama) then I must be living in a different world from where I grew up. Not only that, this has brought back the dictum that Democrats are weak in foreign policy and get manipulated by dictators. At its core, that’s probably true. It took a while to overcome the jimmy Carter syndrome but apparently they haven’t. The only positive that i can see is that a Republican now will surely be elected president in 2016, And if we can play our cards right, we might just be able to overturn Obamacare.

    • I am aware of these things. However I’m not willing to go to war to make any president look good. In fact, I think being an effective president is their job, not ours.

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