European Petition to Protect Life Garners 1 Million Signatures

European Petition to Protect Life Garners 1 Million Signatures September 15, 2013

Defending the sanctity of human life is a worldwide struggle, with as many venues as there are attacks on the inherent right to life of every human being.

European pro life people have successfully gathered the 1 million signatures needed for a petition to protect life. This is only the second time in history that any group has achieved this.

The video below gives details.

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2 responses to “European Petition to Protect Life Garners 1 Million Signatures”

  1. Congratulations on crossing the necessary 1 million signature threshold! I am glad that they will continue to collect signatures until the deadline. I am unfamiliar with European Union procedures, but here in the US it is common for the validity of signatures to be challenged, and sometimes the petition fails because too many signatures are tossed out.

    Some information on the European Union initiative process can be found here:

    Simply because an initiative is successful does not mean that the European Union will consider relevant legislation. But the initiative will set a review in motion which might result in legislation being proposed.

  2. No, it is the effect of good comprehensive sex education and available contraception that keeps the abortion numbers down in Europe.