EWTN Nightly News on the War in Syria

EWTN Nightly News on the War in Syria September 7, 2013

I just learned about this new effort from EWTN.

It’s an impressive beginning that I will watch as often as I can. Compared to the unprofessional approach the most of the cable news networks take, EWTN’s Nightly News is a breath of fresh air.

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One response to “EWTN Nightly News on the War in Syria”

  1. The program sounds like an ambitious, and expensive, undertaking. I hope they can keep it funded.

    Quoting from the Washington Post:

    Ninety-seven percent of EWTN’s annual support comes from gifts, grants and contributions provided by individual viewers and listeners, said spokeswoman Michelle Johnson. The balance comes from other sources, such as Catholic institutions.

    It was one such institutional donor — [Michael P. Warsaw, EWTN’s president and chief executive] declined to say the donor’s name — that provided seed money last year in the “low, low, low millions” to launch “EWTN News Nightly.” He said the amount is not enough to endow the project in perpetuity, but he said he is “confident”of a funding stream to sustain the operation.

    Warsaw said the new Washington show will have about 30 editorial staff members, including on-air reporters, producers and researchers.