Father Frank says it best

Father Frank says it best September 24, 2013

Some days, the irony piles on top of irony.

Father Frank Pavonne put out a letter yesterday concerning the widespread misinterpretations of Pope Francis’ interview with America magazine.

The irony?

Father Frank was with Pope Francis when the story broke.

In his words:

Is the pope saying we should talk less about abortion? Is he saying that the emphasis the Church has placed on this issue has been a mistaken emphasis?

When I first received these inquiries via emails and text messages, I was actually in the presence of Pope Francis, in the dining room of his residence. I had spoken just hours earlier, at the invitation of the Vatican, about the Church’s defense of the unborn child, and about the clear and strong position of the Church, expressed in many documents, that the right to life is our first right and the foundation and condition for all the others.

Read the rest here.

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2 responses to “Father Frank says it best”

  1. Thank you so much Rebecca for sharing this article with the naysayers doubting Papa Francis’s pro-life stance! I was so happy to read the article and have Father Pavone confirm what we already knew.

  2. I would like Priest Frank Pavone to invite to his radio/TV shows men who had abortion…just to have a balance between women / men who aborted their children.
    Maybe the sin of abortion is associated with men too, not only women.