President’s Full Statement on Government Shutdown

President’s Full Statement on Government Shutdown September 30, 2013


President Obama made this statement today on the impending government shutdown. I believe, based on this statement and what I have read, that both sides are misrepresenting one another’s motives.

However, I do think that this whole adventure into brinksmanship is harming the country. I also do not think that the welfare of the American people is a motivating factor in it.

Here’s the statement.

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4 responses to “President’s Full Statement on Government Shutdown”

  1. With out getting into who I put “more” blame on, or the outcome I personally hope for, I would have to agree that this is no way to run things, always waiting til the last possible second to try to strong arm the other party into “your” way. Seriously, ALL of the issues on the table have been ON the table for years, nothing has suddenly come up and changed what is before these guys. The lack of honesty about what is wrong, lack of willingness to accept that the public is not uniformly behind either group (implying a need to find SOME common ground) is why most of us, no matter which (if any) party we are “in” tend to view those in power as rats, working only for their own careers and not caring about their constituents OR the country as a whole. I do not know how you can swim in the acid bath you do, but I am glad you are able to–literally, for Christ’s sake.

  2. Both sides remind me a children saying they will take their ball and go home if they don’t get their way! Those folks were elected—and I wonder how many will be re-elected after this mess. Do they really care about anything that might be good for this country? NO. Totally disgusted with the whole lot of them!!

  3. Unfortunately, I think too many of them will be re-elected, if only because the voters think there is no alternative. I’m with you on being totally disgusted with them.