We are So Blessed to be Catholic!

We are So Blessed to be Catholic! September 1, 2013

We are so blessed to the Catholic!

The Church is a gift Jesus gave us to sustain and guide us until He comes again, or until we go to Him.

The gym at my parish was home this summer to Catholic young people from all over the United States who came to help with the clean-up and restoration after the tornadoes last spring. They were Christ’s representatives in a hard time for people here.

We are all Christ’s representatives when we reach out to other people in their need. That is the deep meaning of Catholic Social Teaching: Being Jesus to other people.

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4 responses to “We are So Blessed to be Catholic!”

  1. I may be selfish, but what I think of most as the luck in being Catholic – apart from having a clear direction for your actions – is the colossal, marvelous heritage that comes with the Faith. How can anyone not be happy who is in the same church as Chesterton, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Thomas Aquinas, the builders of the great cathedrals, Dante, and “such cloud of witnesses”?

  2. I have to admit that the Catholic Church has done amazing things in the name of Jesus Christ. I often think that it is a disadvantage to know the truth. The Gospel message has made this world a better place to live and I hate to think what life on this planet would be like without it.

    • Bill, the only truth you “know” is that you are running from yourself. God is not your enemy. He loves you; just exactly as you are.

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