Christian Persecution: The Deadly Worldwide Plague

Christian Persecution: The Deadly Worldwide Plague October 19, 2013

Precious in the sight of God is the death of His saints. Psalm 116

Christian persecution is a deadly worldwide plague.

The evidence of massive, international Christian persecution is abundant.

What, exactly, causes some groups of people to be so vociferous and ugly in their denial of Christian persecution? What would cause someone to stoop to the level of personal attacks against those who speak of Christian persecution?

These attacks, which are often slanderous, are crude attempts to silence those who would speak out for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Given what is happening, why would anyone do this?

I had a long talk about this with one of my sons a couple of weeks back, and he said something that I think is more pertinent than we would like to admit. People who do things like this are at one with the persecutors. 

What he meant by this was that those who try to silence people who speak out for persecuted Christians are fellow travelers and enablers of the persecutors themselves. There is nothing new under the sun, and that is especially true when we talk about the great evil of violent persecution of whole groups of people.

The persecutors could not act without their enforcers in the larger world demanding and coercing the silence of those who would speak against them. Evil, like cockroaches, needs darkness.

That’s why Hitler set up phony concentration camps to show the Red Cross. It is also why the Red Cross and the rest of the world bought it. No one seems to have questioned the rationale behind putting an entire population of people in concentration camps in the first place. Without that compliance, the lie would and could not have stood.

It’s also why I get attacked just about every time I publish a post about the persecution of Christians. Persecutors always have their apologists. They need the darkness of obfuscation to continue their deadly work.

It is painful to be attacked, but in this case, it is also an honor. I would far rather be the person who gets attacked for taking a stand against the persecution of Christians than the person who does the attacking. They are a sad lot.

I regard these slurs and jibes as small attacks on me for doing my best to follow Christ. I am a little shy about saying this, because what I am doing by writing posts about Christian persecution is such a small thing that it embarrasses me. But by attacking me for trying, however feebly, to follow Christ, these people are giving me the Kingdom of Heaven.

So, what I will say to those who go at me personally for trying to speak out about the persecution of Christians is thank you. I forgive you from my heart for your attempts to harm me personally and I pray for you daily.

However, what I say to them about their support for the persecutors is shame on you. To use a quote from the McCarthy hearings of long ago: Have you no decency?

Here are a few examples of Christian persecution:


Congressional hearings on Christian Persecution.

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7 responses to “Christian Persecution: The Deadly Worldwide Plague”

  1. We are now as our fathers were in 1940, but the enemy is more diffuse and difficult to engage, the frontlines more numerous, and the difficulty in being coherent and gaining allies much greater. But in the words of your national anthem, “Conquer we must, for our cause it is just, and this is our motto: IN GOD DO WE TRUST” – and in the words of ours: “Unity and love show the nations the paths of God; and united in God’s name, who can defeat us?”

  2. What is unfortunate is that even within the same religion there are folks who can’t agree or get along. Different factions of the same religious group. Currently we see that among those of the Muslim groups. What you do is not small, it continues to bring to light the fact that Christians are being persecuted all over the world. This is fact, not fiction. The Jewish people have paid a price for their beliefs over hundreds of years as have other faiths. Personally I have never figured out why many religions have to think of themselves as THE only true faith etc. and cannot understand that there is no one faith for everyone. Just as humans are of different colors, humans also have different ways to try and explain almost unanswerable questions—-would that everyone could accept that and live with at least respect (if not a love too) for those that inhabit this planet.

  3. I think that we have a role model in our Pope regarding the dialog with religious communities, Christians and non-Christians.

  4. Under the auspices of the U.N., and the avowed proclamation of the U.D.H.R. [Universal Declaration of Human Rights], comes the telling of us all having the right to believe as we will… but [to our disgrace and demise] no concerted support [enforcement] at the International level exists to offer those persecuted for their beliefs [primarily those being christians] or the help they truly need. In other words, the world view is to say one thing and do the exact opposite. In other words, this behavior [though repugnant to believers in Christ Jesus] is going to increase… and this is OK with the rest of the quiet Earth. This is also why Pastor Saeed Abedini is being held in an Iranian prison for his belief(s) alone, please see his plight at this link…
    Keep speaking out Rebecca [Representative Hamilton]… your voice is needed and desired by Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ Himself. Maranatha.