Will the Shutdown End Soon?

Will the Shutdown End Soon? October 4, 2013

Will the shutdown end soon? It just might.

Here’s why:

GOP Donors Revolt Against Republican-Led Shutdown 

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4 responses to “Will the Shutdown End Soon?”

  1. The thing that many rich Republicans (or Democrats of any income level) don’t understand is that those in or sympathetic with the Tea Party movement actually CARE deeply about the country and BELIEVE their talking points enough to get out there and protest, fundraise, and do all that other grass-roots stuff the Big Boys don’t even realize happens. These big money guys, as you are most certainly aware, do NOT care about anything except how much their bottom line is impeded–issues like abortion, freedoms of religion, of privacy, of speech, to bear arms, all the stuff the “Party” proclaims to get votes are so far below what THEY care about as to seem silly to them when it’s brought up (as is evident in this article). They would indeed switch parties if it would help their portfolio. Which is why those of us outside of these power circles do not have any love for the guys they hand pick to represent “their” party. I HAVE been a precinct captain. And I have seen how big biz, even at the state level, believes IT drives the party, NOT the little peons whose votes actually put people into offices. It is an entitlement mindset that boggles the mind when you go in believing “we the People” are the true reason any party should exist. Truly, I have no love for any party, per se, including the one I end up (by default) voting for most of the time. To say that those with the deepest pockets are out of touch with the citizens whose votes are needed to keep “their” people in office is an understatement. Which is why some of us are inclined to vote out the big money old guard who don’t care about winning legislative battles for their constituents, just winning reelections. If I can find a person of character to vote for, I will gladly help rid Congress of the decades-long Republican incumbent in my district, regardless of the loss of PORK he undoubtedly brings to us.
    As far as the shutdown goes, I am not at a point of caring one way or the other yet. Perhaps the best thing I’ve seen came from a Libertarian who suggested the Republicans should just agree to fund everything but ONLY if all exceptions and exemptions are scrapped and it becomes the law for businesses of all sizes, union or non, politicians as well, and then just let the country decide if they like it once everyone has to live with it. Battles over the mandate’s impacts on those of faith could continue to be fought in court, but the behemoth would begin to show its full bulk and this would cease to be just a battle of rosey vs. end-of-the-world projections.

  2. I hope the shutdown keeps going, and lasts long enough for people to realize the un-necessity of nearly 3 million federal workers (on top of the legions of state, county and city employees).

  3. More antagonism from both sides—-does ANYONE care in congress about the American people OR the economy in this country? Obviously NOT!

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