Nigerian Christians Want Peace, Not Vengeance

Nigerian Christians Want Peace, Not Vengeance October 20, 2013


Nigerian Christians call for peace, not vengeance. They even talk of forgiveness. The Nigerian Christians I have corresponded with have — every single one of them — asked for prayer.

Our resolve to help them and stand by them must not falter. What that means — among other things — is that we must not allow ourselves to bullied into silence by personal attacks against us from those who want to turn a blind eye to Christian persecution. We must never allow them to divide us from other Christians.

We all stand in solidarity before the cross. We in the West are called to show that solidarity when it comes to the violent persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We need to lift up the witness of these martyred Christians and their families and friends for all the world to see.

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4 responses to “Nigerian Christians Want Peace, Not Vengeance”

  1. Yes, I try to remember every day and at mass the Nigerian Christians along with our brothers and sisters in Kenya, Egypt, Syria, China and everywhere they suffer because they are Christians. According to the priest at mass yesterday, there are 11 Christians martyred every hour. They suffer for us.

  2. Well, that’s too bad. because unless they take up the flag of the crusade, fight a war, and fight to win it, they shall have neither peace nor forgiveness. Anyone who thinks that Boko Haram are to be overcome by an excess of mercifulness is living on the moon. They regard what they do as the height of morality, and therefore will not be in the least impressed by the morality of disarmament – a morality they do not share.

  3. I consider myself to be open minded. But it is obvious that Christianity strives for one thing and Islam strives for the other. One is spread through kindness and the other through violence. I don’t know what can be done about Islamic fundamentalism. I doubt if anyone does. They certainly don’t deserve freedom. They deserve secular military rule.

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