Was the House Stenographer a Modern-Day Jeremiah?

Was the House Stenographer a Modern-Day Jeremiah? October 18, 2013

Jeremiah Michelangelo Buonarroti

Did the House of Representatives stenographer crack, or is she a modern-day Jeremiah?

Tom McDonald, who blogs at God and the Machine, followed up on the story, and what he gives us is another story altogether. His is a story about a woman who felt called by God to speak out.

According to a Daily Beast interview with her husband, Dianne Reidy experienced a mega dose of what all the rest of us got as she watched the shutdown shenanigans.

“This whole mess has just kind of sickened her to the whole process,” her husband says. “The alliances between people who aren’t really allies. The finger-pointing on the dais, [then] the arms around each other… Where are the people being served in this whole deal?”

He recalls, “She was just like, ‘Gosh, this is not what it’s about.’”

Politics causes something akin to what her husband describes here as a natural by-product of focusing on the issues. You can fight someone like a dog one day and form an alliance with them on something else the next.

That truly is the nature of the political beast, and it’s not evil. It is just a factor of the reality that we agree with one another on some things and disagree on others.

But this recent shutdown fight, and all the other partisan bloodletting that preceded it, went much deeper and was far more tawdry than the usual pragmatic need to work together when you agree and go at each other when you don’t.

This was not about the issues. It was about power. On both sides, the focus was themselves. The country could be damned.

I can understand how any honest person would have been sickened to be part of it, on either side. That’s what I thought had happened. I thought Mrs Reidy cracked from being too close to the raw hatred and blind ambition that is governing the people who are tasked with governing our country.

But it turns out there was another element. Mrs Reidy told her husband that she had been awakened in the night for many nights with what she believed was a call from the Holy Spirit to speak out.

I’ve witnessed the way that politicians use God to justify themselves. I seen up close how elected officials who campaigned and were elected on their faith in Jesus turn around and kick Him to the curb with what they actually do. I have also witnessed the unbelievable hubris of politicians who have convinced themselves that God is made in their image and everything they do is right because it is god (little g) ordained.

These men and women truly are mocking God.

And it is sickening.

To see up close the way they treat the Lord Jesus grieves you. It can send you home a wreck.

I know.

I’ve been there.

I have never been forced to participate in anything as ugly as what has been going on in Congress these past years. I’ve only seen it in the small-time House of Representatives of the itty bitty State of Oklahoma. And it was all I could bear.

So, do I believe that the Holy Spirit may have called Mrs Reidy to stand up in the House of Representatives and dramatically announce “He will not be mocked” ???

Yes. I do.

It’s also no mystery to me why He asked her, and not the Speaker of the House of any of the other hundreds of people at that vote, including members of the press.

She was probably the only one there who was listening to Him.

I don’t know this, of course, but I think it’s very possible, that out of all of them, this woman was the only one in that entire assembly who was open enough to the Holy Spirit to hear His voice. After all, they were engaging in an unholy hate-off whose only limit seems to have been the parameters of their own ambitions. God is not a part of that kind of equation, no matter how much its human operands may claim that He is.

It was, is, always has been, about them.

They are the only gods they worship.

This is just as true of the members of the national press who reported this shindig as it is for the politicians who created it.

If God used a stenographer to proclaim that He would not be mocked to those who had been mocking Him to such great profit for so long, there’s nothing surprising in it to me.

I just hope that the boys and girls in that room — as well as all the rest of us — have the good sense to listen.

From Tom McDonald:

When I first heard that a congressional stenographer had grabbed a microphone and started ranting about Masonic conspiracies on the floor of the House, I assumed she’d had some sort of mental break. That’s always a safe guess when people deviate from the script in public, and it wasn’t helped by the lack of clear audio in the video clip that circulated on the internet.

She may well have had some kind of break, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, and trusting the media to report factually and objectively is, quite obviously, foolish. It’s always best to wait for some primary sources before drawing conclusions.

This is, as near as I can tell, an accurate report on what Dianne Reidy said on the House floor:

He will not be mocked! This is not one Nation under God. It never was. The greatest deception here is this is not one Nation under God! It never was. Had it been, it would not have been! The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons! You cannot serve two masters! You cannot serve two masters! Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ.

I know! Crazytalk! Get the men in the white coats!

Honestly, is there anything in that paragraph that says, “nuts” to you?Anything at all? Because I got nothing here.

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30 responses to “Was the House Stenographer a Modern-Day Jeremiah?”

  1. I disagree. It was about issues. Power is the intermediate step in controlling how you want the issues to come out. I can assure you, the Conservative movement is quite serious about the debt and killing Obamacare. The tactics were in dispute internal on our side, but we are united on the goals. Neither of these issues are going to go away.
    In fact I’ll tell you how deep those two issues are for Conservatives. The taxes required (if no government cuts were to offset the deficit) to reach some sort of balance would make this country essentially a European socialist country. And Obamacare only adds to it. This country will no longer be what Conservatives have always considered America. We are fighting for what we want America to be. If it’s not the America we have always cherished, then we don’t want to be a part of it any longer. That’s how deep this runs.

  2. Manny, if you want to control the debt, you’ve got to cut defense spending. There is no other way. Also, we need to re-industriaize this country. That would help with our trade balance, create jobs and help with the debt. Another step should be public transportation to help reduce dependence on foreign oil. That also would change the balance of trade and help reduce the debt.

    Grade school arithmetic leads to one-dimensional nonsense about raising taxes enough to pay the debt. It serves the talking points of demagogues, but does not and cannot help this country. Neither can these repeated and destructive hate-offs. As for not being a part of it anymore, these people are going to destroy our country with their behavior — both sides.

    And … just to stir the proverbial pot … i believe that there are no more true conservatives in the Republican Party than there are true liberals in the Democratic Party. Both sides are morally and intellectually bankrupt demagogues who only care about power with no consideration to this country.

    The kind of behavior you are describing will not lead this country forward. It will destroy it.

  3. I didn’t support the shut down, but I can see how all options were never going to amount to changing the administration. Perhaps the shut down did push toward some responsibility in the coming months.
    But let me tell where the root of this stems. It stems from Obama refusing to ever give the Republicans anything. He pushed Obamacare through without a single moderate Republican. He pushed his trillion dollar deficit thorugh with no republicans. When George W. pushed his no child left behind, he got sizable numbers from both sides. When he pushed his Iraq war authorization, he got half the Dem Senate. Obama hasn’t done anything but generate ill will with Republicans. That’s a fact. And so they see him as an enemy rather than someone to negotiate with. He refuses to negotiate anything. Even with the shut down he should have negotiated something, even if he held the trump cards. He only causes division. He never brings sides together.

  4. In my update linking to Rebecca’s post, I added this:

    I wrote this because the tone of the coverage has been universally derisive and mocking. Even if she is mentally ill, that’s an appalling way to respond to a person who may be in serious distress.

    Code Pink can erupt into protest on the floor of the house and no one bats an eye. Our elected officials can lie and grandstand and backslap and lie some more and the media acts like that’s just how things are done.

    But someone calls the nation to account, in the every seat of power, for its wicked behavior, and suddenly we’re in Cloud Cuckoo Land. We need to be better than that. Whether she’s sick or whether she’s speaking an essential truth, the response lacked humanity. Even if she is ill, that does not make her message meaningless.

  5. Manny’s wrong, in my opinion, on the stenographer, she sounds saner than most in that room, with more than a whiff of Jeremiah.

    Politically, I tend tend to agree with him, and I think his motives reasonably pure, I see very little of that in Congress, there are far too many temptations there. I still think the only solution is to go back to the original Constitution, and quit expecting the government to do almost anything other than the common defense, and protect the currency (wish they’d try that sometime)

    For the rest, I disagree very little with what Rebecca wants to do, on the state level. If you make OK attractive it will grow because we’ll vote with our feet, if not we’ll stay away.

    The main thing is to quit indulging in unicorn dreams on both sides. How do we get Leviathan under control? I’m not sure it is possible any more, we may be to the point where it cannot be controlled.

  6. Along with defense cuts, you’ve got to have entitlement cuts. Along with public transportation (which isn’t going to work in Huge America exactly like it does in Much Smaller Europe), you have to fully utilize natural resources like our shale and oil and natural gas, responsibly. You’ve got to incentivize the traditional family so that there are still consumers with some actual money to spend around to buy what you’re producing.
    Really, you’ve got to unload the shoulders of the government and hand these responsibilities back to communities. There is a story about a late 19th C or early 20th C president refusing to give roughly $10,000 (or something similar) of government money to a town hit by a natural disaster because he said the surrounding community could do a better job, and it was not the government’s place or duty. The community raised at least twice as much for the victims. This is where we need to return –> personally responsible to each other in our communities. That way we can see the real needs, recognize our call to Christian service, and respond appropriately and personally.
    Just my 5 cents.

  7. It has all “sickened” me to the point of being embarrassed to be an American born and raised here. Remember, all those same Government personnel are “representatives” of ‘We the People” of which i realize you yourself know that Ms. Hamilton. Both sides of your aisle there have made us all look like fools in the eyes of the world. Yes, this stenographer was indeed used as a mouthpiece by God Himself as He too is “sickened” by how our representatives are acting and flat out ignoring Him and slapping His Son in His very face. Kudos to the Stenographer and i will pray for her to have strength in the aftermath of her standing up to the “Bullies” on behalf of Jesus Christ and His Father. I have never been one to dislike our government….BUT, i can say this, this latest high school drama played out in Congress and the White House has me 500% sickened and i have lost every ounce of belief in them that i have ever had. I have always made an effort to ignore what they all do as what they do is simply baseless and a waste of my time to follow. This last ordeal caught my attention though because i simply could not believe the level of the lack of maturity.

    The thing is it makes me angry, angry in the way that it makes me want to try even harder to help people in communities of which the people who are “voted” into office could care less about and to ignore what our government, your government is doing.

    Again KUDOS TO THE STENOGRAPHER for listening to her call.

    I will continue to simply rely on and trust in Jesus Christ and His Father. I am 54, i have never voted and never will, but i have done a great deal of work trying to make a difference helping others in communities to attempt to offset the damage done by the care less attitudes of Congress and the White House. What a shame, what a shame. Our Forefathers, your forefathers are rolling over in their graves i am sure, looking down on all of you shaking their heads!

    Maybe the thought of your predecessors being disgusted with your institution will move you all???

    I hope Ms Hamilton you continue to follow your call in writing how you do on your blog, but maybe it is time to separate yourself from the pack?

    It all makes me sad. Very sad.

  8. I think we all feel frustration with Congress. They behave irresponsibly on a regular basis. This recent episode is simply a particularly egregious example (and it isn’t even over…. it is just taking a breather.)

    As for Dianne Reidy, I think she was saying that the US should be a Christian nation, which, as she pointed out, it is not and never has been. I am not sure what she meant about Freemasons, and honestly, the mention of them inclines me to look askance at what she was saying. But I don’t think she was complaining about the government impasse or the endless deficit spending, which makes me wonder as to what set her off.

    As news reports have often stated, she has been a longtime employee of House, both respected and well-liked. I see no reason to pass judgment on her. Certainly members of Congress do not seem to be doing so.

  9. I am not so sure, Manny. Certainly, Obama has been driving up the debt like a madman since he took office. But from 1980 to 2008, the debt went up from 32% to 70% of GDP, and that has to be laid MOSTLY at the feet of Republicans. Now, granted, Obama has taken only 5 years to drive it up from 70% to 110% and that lies almost entirely at the feet of the Dems.

    The facts don’t really support the claim that the GOP wants to be fiscally responsible, though I would admit that it appears that they want to drive us over the cliff at 40 mph instead of 100 mph.

    As I said in a previous post, neither side is willing to give an inch of funding on their own pet issues, and in fact, I question whether either side even really wants to cut anything (i.e. I see little evidence that the Dems want to cut military, and little evidence that the GOP really wants to cut entitlements.) We are being ruled by complete and utter fools. I hope that we figure out a way to get leaders who are sane, and soon.

  10. Wait second. You can’t compare the debt with GDP. The debt is a cumulative quantity while the GDP is an annualized quantity. You have to compare the deficit to the GDP and that has been horrendous under obama. Since Obama took office he has accumulated more debt than all the other presidets combined!!! And he’s added another entitlement to the mix. Obama has been horrendous when it comes to fiscal policy. The absolute worst. Please don’t give me your MSNBC talking points.

  11. No, it’s entitlements. Entitlements, of which Obama added another. From the 2012 budget: entitlements 56% of the budget; defense 18% of the budget, and that’s including the wars.

  12. Tom, I didn’t read your blog post on this. If the woman is mentally ill, then I apologise in calling her a loon. Though whether she’s sick or not, I think her message is meaningless. Every political activity involves politicians forming coitions and mutual agreements. That is what politics is. For the media to make what she claimed to be anything out of the ordinary is mischaracterization. The Daily Beast is hardly a reliable, non-partesan source. So when the budget gets agreed to in a couple of months and other agreements and coalitions are formed between politicians and lobbyists, is that more “Masonic” activity?

  13. It is a s historical fact that the founding of the United States, like that of Italy later, was led by Freemasons. George Washington and Giuseppe Garibaldi were Freemasons, and I think it is not exaggerated to say that in his later life Washington got more of the sense of religion and God from his Freemason beliefs than from his conventional and increasingly casual adhesion to his parents’ Anglicanism. Masonic symbolism was strongly involved in the design of the city that was to bear his name, and Masonic symbols were laid along with the first stones. One has to be very clear, however, that at that period very little contradiction was felt between ordinary Christianity and Freemasonry; the first papal condemnations had indeed rang out, but they could matter less than little to the protestant settlements in distant America. Consider that Washington’s younger contemporary Mozart, brought up in a Catholic country under episcopal rule, seemed to see no contradiction between being a passionate Freemason and the author of the Mass in C and the Requiem. Of course, by the time we get to Italian unity and the heavy influence of Freemasons, the situation is quite different, and the hostility of Church and Freemasonry is a given fact.

  14. Yes. What kind of negotiations do you have when you summon the leaders of both parties AND THEN ANNOUNCE TO THE PRESS THAT THERE WILL BE NO NEGOTIATIONS? Obama was delighted with the clash and did everything in his power to harden it. In my view, the Republicans fell into his trap head first and found themselves unable to see a way out that did not end up with Obama winning in the court of [ill-informed] public opinion.

  15. Public transport is heavily subsidized in Europe – even the privatized versions we have in Britain, where the State is probably paying more to keep companies in being than it did in the old days of British Rail. Now you have to remember that America, as compared with western Europe, is not only enormous but underpopulated. The EU has a population of getting on for half a billion in half the territory of the United States. Clearly, the economics of mass transportation are going to be entirely different, and even in Europe we cannot have mass transportation – especially an efficient network of railways – without nationalization and mass subsidies. Italy, in obedience to stupid Thatcherite fashions and the appalling provinciality of our ruling classes, who seem incapable of believing that anything native may be good or anything foreign bad, has recently experimented with privatizing railways and posts. The result has been an unmitigated disaster. We can’t afford this kind of stupid Thatcherite games meant to line the pockets of supposedly private investors with taxpayers’ money; but my point is that I doubt that you can, as things stand, add another huge head of national expenditure to the budget. Think how much more distant Los Angeles, New Orleans, St.Louis, Portland/Seattle/Tacoma, Chicago, New York and Atlanta are from each other, and compare with Rome to Milan, London to Edinburgh, or even Paris to Berlin. Obviously the scale of the expenditure would be larger.

  16. Fifty percent of the budget — which is merely what is reported. There’s a lot more out there under the water. — is for defense spending. It has to be on the table if we are going to get control of our government. As for entitlements, I assume you are only referring to entitlements for individual citizens, such as medicare and social security, and not corporate welfare. Again, corporate welfare is an enormous — and deleterious part of the budget.

    The reason we can’t address the deficit is that the puppet masters who control both parties are making money out of this deficit and they don’t care about this country any more than their puppet politicians.

    As for the Rs vs the Ds, they both spend like drunken sailors on shore leave when they’re in power. The major differences are what they spend it on.

    I’m not defending Obama or obamacare, but a major part of his spending came from bailing this country out of an economic free fall that was caused primarily by corporate greed and dishonest (also illegal) business practices.

    I am unhappy about that, too. But for different reasons than you probably are. I think that just giving the miscreants large amounts of $ without putting some of them in jail and using the antitrust laws to break up some of these too big to fails into smaller companies simply set us up for another free fall in the future.

    If the government had not stepped in (and if you remember all the governments in the whole world were trying to stop the free fall and couldn’t get it done for weeks) we wouldn’t be having this conversation. We came close to an economic cataclysm that would have made the depression of the 1930s look like a walk in the park.

    Yes, we have got to reverse the disastrous economic decline of this country. But we need to do it in two ways: Reducing excessive expenditures for EVERYONE and not just expecting ordinary people to make all the sacrifices while others enrich themselves from government largesse, and by rebuilding our economic base.

  17. Manny, the gdp has everything to do with the debt. Here are two ways (but there are others).

    First the debt is a percentage of the gdp in much the same way that your personal debt is a percentage of your family income. If, say, you owe $2,000 on a credit card and you make $100,000/year, that’s not much debt and you can easily pay it of or manage it. But if you make $12,000/year (I have many constituents who are employed full-time and make this much or less; they have to hold down multiple full-time jobs to survive) the $2,000 credit card debt would be unmanageable and a cause of great financial stress for your household.

    The thing about the deficit which is really frightening isn’t the raw number but the fact that it’s over 60% of our national gdp. (That is outdated. It was at that level a while back. I haven’t looked in a while.) That is truly frightening, and it cannot go on.

    The gdp is a reflection of the government’s ability to pay down debt, since it is a reflection of tax income. Taxes are, in essence just that: income for the government. If people aren’t making money, they can’t pay taxes.

    Now, what I was talking about earlier wasn’t precisely the gdp, but the thing which the gdp somewhat reflects, which is the economic viability of this country. A country that does not make its own goods is in trouble economically. An importer nation is in trouble economically. A country whose sole growth industry is government programs is in trouble economically and it other ways, as well.

    That describes us. Much of the growth of government spending (most, in fact) is corporate welfare. It is also in obscene things like corporate contracts to surveil the American people, which clearly has become one of our new growth “industries.” The mammoth defense budget is riddled with corporate welfare of all types.

    We cannot survive economically if the only thing our elected officials can agree on is building weaponry and spying on the American people.

    We need elected officials who care enough about this country to build the nation itself. And we don’t need one or two of them, We need a whole Congress of them. The trouble with the Rs and the Ds is that they no longer elect those kinds of people. What we have is a whole Congress of people who are wiling to harm this nation for their petty grudges and who ultimately sell it out to their puppet masters.

    I begin to despair of both these parties Manny.

  18. LOL at the MSNBC. I don’t watch ANY mainstream media, and if forced, MSNBC would be the last of my choices.

    I’m not sure why you can’t compare the debt with GDP. The debt is just an accumulation of deficits. From the fact that the national debt went up from 32% to 70% under generally Republican control, one can gather that the government was generally running significant deficits. From the fact that it went up from 70% to 110% under 5 years of Obama, you can gather that much more serious deficits are being run.

    My point is that the record shows that the GOP also isn’t terribly interested in fiscal prudence, though they are definitely better than the Dems.

  19. Rebecca, Obama spent a trillion dollars that didn’t stimulate anything. The financial bail out was still under Bush. You can look that up. Compare the economies of Canada and Germany who noticably didn’t try Keynsian economics and spend their way to prosperity back in 2009. Their economies have been super throughout this. Obama’s economic policies have been a dismal failure.

  20. So, do I believe that the Holy Spirit may have called Mrs Reidy to stand up in the House of Representatives and dramatically announce “He will not be mocked” ???
    Yes. I do.

    Except that what she said did not make any sense. No one was mocking God and it shouldn’t matter that this country was founded by Freemasons. That is just religious fanaticism.

  21. Manny, I try to back off from the comboxes on Sunday. I’ll look at all this tomorrow. This is an important discussion, and I thank you for adding to it.

  22. It did sound inchoate Bill. I assume that what she referred by “He will not be mocked” is the behavior she saw from the members of Congress. It might not make much sense to someone who hasn’t had to endure witnessing the blatant mockery of God by those who use Him to get elected. But if what this lady saw in Congress was anything like what I’ve seen, (and I would guess that it was much worse) the comment was spot on.

  23. I assume that what she referred by “He will not be mocked” is the behavior she saw from the members of Congress. It might not make much sense to someone who hasn’t had to endure witnessing the blatant mockery of God by those who use Him to get elected.

    I personally think that the ones who were behind this whole debacle were a small faction that did not give the real reason why they were so insistent on closing down the government unless Obamacare was delayed.

    I believe the real reason, the one they only want their own constituents to know (which I’m sure they do) was the HHS Mandate. Just as Dr. King said. Shame on them if the government shut down and the economic recovery was impeded because of that. It will come out in some sort of expose on the Tea Party. I am sure.

  24. Yes, Manny, I agree with you. I’m not sure why you think we disagree. The debt was going up under Republican leadership (mostly) for the last 28 years (from 32% to 70% of GDP), but since Obama took over, it has skyrocketed from 70% to 110% in just 5 years.

  25. Manny, I’ve decided to write a post about this issue. It will take me a few days to get it together. If you have data you’d like to share, I would welcome it.

  26. Good point but that applies to the Republican Congress. All legislative branches refuse the hard work, espeically when they’re in the majority. What’s required is executive leadership. If you remember, George W. Bush had a major proposal to reform social security. It was a solid moderate plan. I would have preferred something more Conservative, but it certainly addressed one entitlement program and would have placed in on solid footing for as far as the eye could see. The Deomcrats refused to acknowledge any part of it. They klilled. You need 60 votes in the Senate and they refused to bargin. Bush spent over a year trying to sell it. Obama refuses to exert any executive leadership on any part of the entitlements.