How Sweetie Catches Pedophiles and What You Can Do to Help

How Sweetie Catches Pedophiles and What You Can Do to Help November 6, 2013


Sweetie doesn’t suffer because of what these men do.

However, your daughter will.

Webcam sex tourism is the name given to the action of pedophiles who use the computer to hire children to participate in on-line sex with them. Sweetie is a computer-generated avatar that the non-profit organization Terre des Homes has used to gather the names of over 1,000 pedophiles which they have since turned over to the police.

Sweetie may look like a little girl, but she is not. She will not be degraded and emotionally deformed by the action of these men. However, your daughters are not avatars. They are vulnerable to pedophiles who hang out at on-line chat rooms.

Part of your job as parent is to make sure you know what your kids are doing on-line. I know this can be difficult, but the damage one of these pedophiles can do to your little girl’s emotional and sexual development is enormous. Protect your daughter.

I congratulate Terre des Hommes for their innovative work in this area. At the same time, I question why the many police agencies around the world have not done more to catch these guys.

If a nonprofit with motivation can do this, why can’t the police?

“The laws need to be enforced,” says Maria Santo Pais of the United Nations.


This video has a petition at the end of it that you can sign to help end the practice of webcam child sex tourism. I also put a link to the petition below.

In the meantime, I’m going to see what Oklahoma law can do about it.

Stop webcam child sex tourism!

Help Terre des Hommes help the kids behind the web cams.

Sign the petition now!

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6 responses to “How Sweetie Catches Pedophiles and What You Can Do to Help”

  1. Hear hear! More people need to hear about this, and fight back against the scum responsible that kind of exploitation!

  2. Don’t forget little boys too. I’m not sure pedophiles go after girls more often than boys. Perhaps they do, but there are a lot that go after boys. I worry about my son as he plays with the computer.

  3. I think they should name and shame them to the public. As well as the police. Let people know who we’re living near. Y protect them. That makes me so angry